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Speech House Colliery

Speech House Colliery

Mark wrote: "... (this) is a great image and it would be even better if the group were local!"

"The pride of my collection; this lantern slide shows the Speech House Hill colliery in c1908; I believe coal winning had ceased some years earlier and it looks as though dismantlement of the engine house had begun; the head gear was to remain as an emergency exit for Lightmoor after permission was gained to work the ‘barrier’ between the two Collieries in 1903 until the associated Gale was surrendered in 1937".

"The group, totalling 43, would appear be on an educational geology trip to the old colliery, nearly all members have a satchel, are carrying both a hammer (predominantly rock hammers), a straight stick and are all similarly (well!) dressed suggesting a uniform. But it is the hats which are most intriguing as nearly all are dark in colour and bare a light coloured Patee cross. There are two older individuals with no satchel, hammer, or stick, wearing lighter coloured hats, one of which has no cross and the other is side on so I can’t tell but I assume these two to be teachers. The hats provide the best way of identifying who the group were and to date I have found that a Gold coloured cross on a black background forms part of the arms of Bathurst Barons Bledisloe so there may be a connection there."

As well as sharing this wonderful image I am hopeful that someone out there may know more about the group.

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