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Bevan Fin Bus at Soudley, Gloucestershire.

Bevan Fin Bus

Michael wrote (June 2007): "I am sending a copy of print made from a painting of Bevan's vehicle KDD38 which was in Forest Bus Photo.. Here is the information from the back of the print (A Dorsal Fin in the Forset of Dean). Bevan Brothers Soudley Valley Coaches 1950 A.E.C Regal III with Harrington Full Front (Dorsal Fin) bodywork. This rare coach (now preserved in original livery) was painted from a photograph taken outside the companies Hansel and Gretal type depot in the beautiful Forest of Dean around October 1971. The photo and painting were made by Mr D. J. Bailey under Omnibrush. Mr Bailey died in 2005".

Thanks also to Peter Essex who wrote (June 2007): "I rode this bus, or an identical one, in the early fifties when staying with my grandparents in Lydney. It went from Cinderford to Blakeney along the Soudley Valley. I insisted on riding it because I was fascinated by the dorsal fin, and because of the scenic route. I now see (June 2007) that Bevan's bus still runs the same route but continues from Blakeney to Lydney. I have also just seen, parked up at Lydney bus station, the modern vehicle that now makes the journey. Those were the days".

The last remains of the Bevan bus buildings in Soudley were demolished in the summer of 2008.

William Hale added (November 2015): "... What a very interesting picture. I went to Lydney Secondary Modern School for a couple of terms in 1965/66 and one of the coaches that took me there from Beachley was a dorsal fin coach that was known to us as the 'Rocket'. I am not sure whether the picture is of this coach as my memory is not that clear now. I seem to recollect the driver was called Mr. Curly. Would be interested to hear whether this is the coach or if not, what happened to it. Many thanks".

Michael Johnson added (February 2018): "... The bus in the picture - registration KDD38 - still exists, and is well known on the classic bus rally circuit. Corgi Toys even made a 1/43 scale model of it. A search for the registration number will bring up many recent photos of the bus, but this one in particular gives a good view of the famous fin.

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