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East Dean Grammar School, School Song.

Tall and strong is our forest tree
And our woodland ways are fair to see:
Acorn, sapling and tender shoot,
And a mist of blue at the spreading root;
Summer's glory and Autumn's gold,
Beauty that changes and grows not old;
So in our school time glad and gay,
Grown we in strength from day to day.

Strong as an oak to reach the light,
Firm in our faith, we stand for right:
Free as the air, and straight and strong,
Joy in our hearts, on our lips a song:
Steadfast in our honour, fair in our name,
Glad shall our lives be, high our aim,
Year after year our school stall stand
A mighty force in our Forest land.

Deep are the mines where, age by age,
Out fathers toiled for their heritage;
Darkness conquered and danger past,
And the forest's treasure found at last;
So shall we in our days of youth
Seek strange depths in the mine of truth,
Bring to light, when toil is done,
A soul possessed and a treasure won.


(from the Speech Day programme 1959)

image: East Dean Grammar School song
The music was re-created from memory by David and Betty Turner in Feb. 2007.

David has recorded the music and can email you the full version if you wish. David can be contacted at : image: David and Betty Tutner

A small sample can be heard here: EGDS School Song - extract
Please Note: If you connect using 'Dial-Up' please save the file to your Hard Drive before playing it (It is in MP3 format and down-sampled to 40 KBS Mono. It is 180 KB in size)

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