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Bells Grammar School, summer 1964.

Bells Vrammar School 1964

An aerial view of Bells Grammar School in the summer of 1964.

Would any former pupil like to describe what was what? e.g. "Swimming Pool bottom left - built by public subscription" etc.

Thanks to Roger Matthews who added (October 2007): "Are you absolutely sure that this was taken in 1964 - the year I left the school? I cannot, for example, see the famous groundsman's hut - venue for illicit smoking! It almost looks as though conversion to golf club/hotel was underway" .

Ex-pupil, David Adams left the following (October 2007):"Thank you for posting this photo of my old school. I left in 1960 (form 5A) and emigrated to Australia. I was disappointed when I returned on a visit many years later to find most of it demolished and converted into a golf club no less.
The headmaster for all of my time and may years before that was Mr Leaning and his study was located in the upper floor of the main building, facing
the camera (still intact) on the rhs and a classroom immediately behind it. I recall a large classroom took up the lhs of the ground floor. Also on the lower level facing the camera (not sure exactly) was Mr Clarke's french classroom. To the right is the Mr Quaile's physics building and on this side of it the Domestic Science (DS) building. In the foreground is the 'New Block' which is now the hotel, I recall housed five classrooms; Arts (Mrs Butterworth), two general and the
Biology and Chemical Labs. I have mused what it would be like to actually sleep in my old classroom. The black coloured extension to the end of the
block (rhs) I believe contained storerooms.
The main Assembly Hall is situated opposite and behind the New looks too small now to hold 300 children (reminiscent of Parkinson's Schooldays). It was also used for PT. I remember it also sported a smoky coke stove, which filled the building with choking fumes more than anything else. Beside the hall to the right is the music classroom, which also housed the ATC facilites. Behind the music classroom are the covered bike racks. The building to the left, almost hidden by the trees is Mr Carter's woodwork classroom. My bench was next to the gas heated glue pot, nice to be near in winter. I have fond memories of Mr Carter's supreme skills that could convert my battered and hopelessly finished projects to perfection with one or two passes of his plane. To the left is the dining hall and kitchen. Mashed spuds, boiled cabbage, sponge puddings and custard".

Mike Walters added (July 2015): "... At Bells from 1957 to 1964. Remember many of the names and faces on photos elsewhere. The older staff had all been through the war, and it sometimes showed! Anyone remember the school trip to St Moritz? Probably be a result if anyone remembers me? Mr Quayle was not known for his sympathetic attitude! Mr Margerison, history, and Prof Roberts, french, were very human. David Little, geography, I remember him during the Cuban missile crisis talking to a rather nervous class and reassuring us as best he could! Miss Turner, chemistry, no one ever argued with her! Miss Butterworth a lovely gentle lady. Colin Evans, PE ex commando, made us jump in the pool on a very cold day.It's sad that as you get older you realise how little you knew about some of the people you shared those years of your life with, particularly some of the young ladies!." .

Keith Gunter added (January 2016): "... I was a pupil at the school from 1952 - 1957 I emigrated to Sydney, Australia in 1959 and from there to Christchurch, New Zealand in 1987. I was devastated to hear that the school had been closed after being in existence since 1445, I have a small book which gives a brief history of the school including the name of every headmaster since its inception .I remember Mr Leaning as being the headmaster with Mr Quail as deputy (he taught physics), Margerison, Evans, etc. ... My most pleasant memory is having cocoa instead of frozen milk in the winter. My most unpleasant memory is of the visits by the school dentist. ".

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