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Filming of "Between Two Rivers" by Dennis Potter.

St John St

The Picture shows Mr and Mrs Young behind the counter in their cafe in St Johns Street Coleford

It was taken for the filming of Dennis Potter's documentary ("Between Two Rivers") Seated at the table are Joan Hoare, Fay Adams and Delia Willcox.

Clive Malsom added (January 2018): "... Standing by juke box I think is Graham Kear. Standing by the table is Clive Malsom".

Dave Nash added (November 2018): "... On BBC2 at the moment there is a re-run of the programme a Reel History of Britain presented by Melvyn Bragg. Yesterday's programme was about the evolvement of the British Teenager since the 1950's. In this programme there was a short excerpt from Between Two Rivers included. I wouldn't have realised and only did because I recognised Joan Hoare (now Powles) in the clip"

Roger Wood added (July 2023): "... The clip from a Reel History of Britain shows four of us sat around a table next to the juke box. They are Terry (Chumky) Jones, Roy Taylor, Gill Short, Adrienne Wright and me wearing half a jar of Brylcream".

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