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H.W.Carter football team in 1954.

Carters football team 1954

H.W. Carter football players, 1954

Back. Jimmy Ainscough, Ray Bullock, Ray Williams, Dave Baxter, Bob Worgan, Doug Shewan.
Front. Fred Pearce, Allan Weager, Roy Smith, Arthur Hawkins, Johnny Powell.

Allan added: "The match was against 'Dorland Advertising' and was played on London Hackney Marshes.There were a vast number of playing fields there. Carters won but I can't remember the score".

Colin Smith added (December 2009): "Roy Smith went on to play for Milkwall AFC. He was part of a large family from Sunny Bank. The late Bob Worgan was my cousin (his Mother and my Mother being Sisters - maiden name Butler). I went to Bells at the same time as Albert Weager(Pi). Ray Bullock is a real name from the past. He lived a few doors from me on the end of a small 6-house row of council semis at Tufthorn Avenue when it was a very pleasant and quiet tree-lined avenue. Ray`s Mum, like mine and my Brother Terry, was a widow. Their tree was a Mountain Ash. This was all in the 1940s and 50s. Ray had a pretty cousin, Jean Powles. Can anyone tell me how to get hold of Ray who was a friend of Bob Worgan?"

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