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The Jenkins family of Coleford, Gloucestershire.

Jenkins family

Jenkins family, Coleford, The house in the background is Woodend Cottage, 65 Coalway Road, Coleford.

Top left, Sarah Jenkins (nee Cooper)

Top right, Sarah and Wood Jenkins.

Middle row left, Frank Jenkins,  and Wood Jenkins.

Middle row right. Ken and Effie Salmon, grand children of Wood and Sarah.

Bottom left, unknown lady, Sarah Jenkins, unknown lady with cat, unknown man with hat on, Wood Jenkins.

Bottom row right, Wood and Sarah Jenkins.

Wood Jenkins business card

A business card of Wood Jenkins, Stone Merchant, Gorsty Knoll, near Coleford. Ron added: "He passed away in 1927 in his eighties so I would think it would date from 1900 or there about".

Thanks also to Peter Jenkins who sent in the following photo.

Jenkins family

Peter added (August 2009): "... Here is a photo of Frank Jenkins, his wife Irene May Jenkins (nee Stoneham) with son Peter Jenkins, taken in 1958
Frank Jenkins was born in 1915 , he was the Son of William Wood Jenkins, born 1876 and Lilian Laura Jenkins,
Frank Jenkins Grandparents were Wood Jenkins, born in 1840. and Sarah Jenkins" .

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