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Lindors Youth Group c 1960.


Lindors is a lovely old building situated in the Wye Valley near St Briavels. The photo is of a youth camp held in either 1960 or 1961.The participants were young people from around the Forest who were members of a variety of churches, including Methodist. Wesleyan and similar.
1 Russell Simpkins, 2,3, 4 Graham Jackson, 5 Richard Powell, 6 Wynne Thomas,7, 8 Jane Marshall, 9 Edna Hicks, 10 Bernard Handover, 11, 12 Rosemarie Wintle, 13 Marjorie Morgan, 14 Robert Bowkett (Ruspidge), 15,16,17, 18 Barry Watkins, 19,20, 21 Michael Hatch?, 22, 23, 24 Elizabeth Wolridge, 25 Rex Hatch, 26, 27 Anne Kear, 28 David McAlpine, 29, 30 Sylvia James, 31, 32 Brian Field, 33, 34 Brian Moore, 35, 36 Pauline Wiltshire, 37, 38 Mike Popejoy?, 39 Lynne Baigent, 40 Sheila Bowring, 41, 42, 43 Paul Langford, 44 Kay Bullock?, 45, 46 Jim Nash, 47 Susan Ball, 48 Susan Kear, 49 Pat Morse (Ruspidge), 50, 51,52, 53, 54 John Powell. 55 Molly Simpkins, 56 Rev. A. J. Simpkins, 57 Derrick Meek.

Russell Simpkins added (April 2013): "... No.55 is my Mother Molly Simpkins and 56 is indeed my Father Rev. A.J. Simpkins both now sadly deceased. I'm No.1 in the picture and was probably 10 at the time so did'nt take part in the official proceedings. I just played in the lovely grounds all day sailing logs of wood down the many streams. On the last day some of the participants got my parents to pose for a photo on rocks in the stream but rigged the one my father was on so he fell in much to everyone's enjoyment but I ran off crying"

Thanks to Marjorie Watts, Brian Moore, Graham Turner, Jo Revill , Dave Nash, Lynne Kear and Kate Ellis for help with the names.

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