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Miners Arms, Sling, Gloucestershire, the Darts Team.

Miners Arms Sling

Miners Arms, Sling - Darts Team

Row 2 (back row left to right): 1 Jack Cole, 2 Arthur "Bacca" Havard, 3 Sid Humphrys, 4 Tom Howells (later landlord of the Lamb Clearwell), 5 ?, 6 Edgar Wildin ?, 7 Bill Hudson.
Row 1: 1 Bob Cole, 2 Will Watkins, 3 Maurice Thomas, 4 Ted Cox

Thanks to Roger Matthews who added (Oct 2008): "If that is the Bill Hudson I knew - and from his height, I am sure it must be - I wonder in what year this picture was taken?. He was still playing cricket for Berry Hill in 1960, when as a somewhat precocious 15 year old fast bowler, I opened the attack with him. He was in his fifties then, and still a fearsome quick bowler. I hated the slips when he was bowling. The ball hurt!. I heard one tale about him. George Emmett, famous Glos batsman, once faced Bill in some sort of celebrity match versus Coleford on the Recreation Ground pitch. My dad was umpiring. Emmett gave his wicket away. After the match, he apparently said to Dad, 'No way was I going to stay out there batting. I was frightened to death by Hudson!' ".

Thanks also to Dilys Keates (nee Thomas) who added (Nov 2008): "- I think this was taken late 1937 - early 1938 - because I have a Silver Cup with inscription - 'MON BEACON CUP 1937-1938' which was given to me by my Dad - Maurice Thomas.  I am pretty sure this is the same team.   Perhaps someone else could enlighten us as to the inscription on the Cup if it is not".

Thanks also to Ivor Ellis and Trevor Baker .

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