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The Watson family outside Perch Lodge in 1904.

Image: The Watson family outside Perch Lodge 1904 (70k)

Perch Lodge is in the Forest of Dean between Edge End and Mile End.
Children from left: Frank Watson (6), NancieWatson (1), Rose Watson (5), May Watson (3)

Yvonne Hill kindly added some memories of Frank Watson - left hand child above (May 2006): "Mr. Watson (Frank Watson) became a Head Forester and ran the Highmeadow "beat". During the 1950`s he also ran Cockshoot beat as an emergency measure. This beat comprised Oakenhill Woods and Churchill enclosure, as well as Cockshoot. His wife was a very gracious, elegant lady, and, like Mr. Watson, extremely kind and considerate. When Mr. Watson came to run Cockshoot, I was but a week into my job as Forest Clerk, and my "office", at Brandricks Green Lodge, Moseley Green, was nothing more than a shed. This had, unfortunately, been built of unseasoned timber, which had shrunk, and so allowed more ventilation than was desirable. Mr. Watson had this "office" covered with roofing felt and arranged that there was a plentiful supply of logs to feed the old slow combustion stove".

Re: Brandricks Green Lodge:" Mr. and Mrs. (Elam and Catherine) Ward lived in one part of the semi-detached Brandricks Green Lodge, whilst the local Forester lived in the other (updated) part".

Image: Mr Elam Ward at Brandricks Green (24k)

Above: (Mr Elam Ward with his grand-daughter? Joyce Minchin at Brandricks Green Lodge Moseley Green in 1956. - Mr Ward worked for the Crown for 63 years, starting work at the age of 9 with The Forestry Commission.) -photo courtesy of Yvonne Hill.

Annne Eady wrote (September 2020): "... My great-great-grandfather's brother-in-law, Solomon 'Parker' Cecil (1786-1873), was woodman at Perch Lodge in the mid 1800s. When he retired he was given a pension which I believe was most unusual at the time. I was fascinated to find the Lodge survives. If any photos from the 1800s exist, I would be delighted if you might be able to share one with me. Best wishes, Anne".

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