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Splinters Male Review team, Coleford.


Terry wrote: "Splinters shows the group in Pierrot costumes. My father Ralph Harper is kneeling on the front right, and I think it is Ken Adams by his side, front left. Back right is Charlie Saunders. Can't put names to the rest. Again mid-late 1920s"

Row 4: 1,2,3 Jack Hullett, 4 (between rows), 5,6 Charlie Saunders.
Row 3: 1,2,3,4,5, 6 John Trotter.
Row 2: 1, 2 Len Barter, 3.
Row 1: 1 Ken Adams, 2 Ralph Harper

Thanks also to Dave Nash who added (Dec 2008): Taken from the book on Coleford by Cyril Hart is the following. "Splinters" all male amateur revue was held for one week every year in Coleford Cinema. It began in 1928 and ran for four or five years. The production, designs and scenes were by Ken J. Adams, the "coach to comedy" was Fred J. Provis and the "director of and coach to music" was Ralph G Harper. Other members not named on the photograph were, Jack Thomas, John Saunders, Frank Provis, Leslie Bell, Cyril Smith, Albert Miller, Robert (later Canon) Mansfield, Frank Blanch and Stanley Rudge. The "Splinters" was apparently eagerly anticipated and was of a very good standard.

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