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Coleford St Johns Ambulance c 1950.

Coleford St Johns Ambulanne c 1950

Row 2 (standing): 1 John Williams Brian Mein, 2 Frank Howells, 3 Gilbert Peters, 4 Gordon Jones, 5 Geoff Morse, 6 Tony Baker , 7 William Evans, 8 Jack Bloodworth, 9. Thomas Eric Ruck.
Row 1 (sitting): 1. Colin Peters 2. George Thomas (Wendy's grandfather) 3 Dr John Battle, 4. 5 Sir John Palmer from Newland. 6. Harry Immins 7. Mr.Green

Thanks to Sue McLean for adding (October 2007): "His (Dr Battle) surgery was at 'The Marshes, Lords Hill in Coleford,he was the local GP through the 50's" .

Dave Nash added: "Gilbert Peters ran the butchers business White & Miller, this business is now run by his son...Further to Sue Maclean's piece Dr. Battle retired from General Practice in the mid 1960's and was succeeded by Dr Anthony Hodson.".

Thanks also to Mike Evans, Sally Brooks, Chris Mulford, Dave Nash, Sue McLean, John Ricketts, Royston Pritchard, Ivor Ruck, Diana Bone, K Smith and Penelope Hodgkiss.

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