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Tom Brown and Martha Maude Baker c 1905.

image: Tom Brown and Martha Maude Baker c 1905 at Biblins Lodge

Tom Brown and Martha Maude Baker at Biblins Lodge around 1905.

Tom Brown was born in Reddings Lodge in Highmeadow Woods in 1881. His mother was born in Biblins Lodge and is possibly the "Granny Brown" in the photo below. Tom Brown was of the original students at the Forestry School started in Coleford in 1904. It later moved to Parkend. When his father retired as Keeper (of Biblins Lodge) in 1902, Tom succeeded him and remained there until the First World War. He was employed by the newly formed Forestry Commission in 1919 and was involved in the planting of the commission's very first tree at Eggesford Forest in Devon that same year.
Source: Newspaper article by Dr Cyril Hart - 1994.

Sandra Robinson ( nee Baker) added (April 2012): "... Martha Maude Baker who was my great aunt married at the beginning of 1898 to Tom Davies in Monmouth. She was widowed about 1900 and she was shown in the 1901 census as living with her sister Mary in Rockleigh Monmouthshire. She remarried in 1908. This doesnt seem to tie in with the date given for the photo as 1905 so either it was taken prior to 1898 or if it was in 1905 it would be when she was a widow".

image Granny Brown at Biblins Lodge c 1900
Granny Brown at Biblins Lodge c 1900 (courtesy of Brian Moore)

A photo of Tom Brown at Biblins Lodge in 1924
Tom Brown at Biblins Lodge in 1924 (courtesy of Brian Moore)

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