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Bells Grammar School - 1962 - 2

Bells Grammar School

Bells Grammar School - 1962 - 2

Row 6: 1. Paul Trim, 2 Melvyn Whittington, 3.Adrian Margerison, 4.Michael Williams, 5 Roger Lonkvist, 6.Michael Davis, 7 Lyndon Morgan, 8 John Creed, 9 Michael John Martin, 10.Peter Grindle 11.Gary Short 12.Andy Edwards, 13.Leslie Hinton 14. Robert Ricketts, 15. Stuart Hughes 16 Roger Long.
Row 5: 1. Sue Aston, 2. Ruth Howells, 3.Cheryl Densley 4.Sally Luker 5.Margaret Wright, 6.Dawn Harris, 7.? 8. Pam? Greenway, 9. Judy Brown 10.Susanne Russell 11.Mary Evans, 12.Cherry Meek 13. Janet Gardiner 14. Jenny Morgan 15.Glenys Kornik ? 16.Heather Nash, 17. Gill Hoare 18.Susan Barrett.
Row 4: 1.Michael Fennel 2 John Phelps, 3.Harvey Jones 4.? Phelps 5 Derek Donaldson 6 John Stansfield, 7 Keith Dimmock 8 Michael Wintle 9 Robin Gibbard 10 Peter Gallagher 11.Dave Nash, 12.Michael Annetts 13.Roger Lewis 14.Michael Smith 15. Colin Lodge 16.Martin Sleeman
Row 3: 1.Isobel Sanzen-Baker 2.Ann Harris 3.Elizabeth Gunter 4.? 5 Brenda Tye, 6 Venetta Harries, 7 Betty Frazier, 8.Janet Crote 9. Wendy Smith 10.Gina Williams, 11 Lynda Baker 12 Joy Morgan 13.Lorraine Green 14.Linda Childs 15.Judith Ellway 16.Anne Sleeman
Row 2: 1.Roger Matthews 2.Peter Wilcox 3.David Jayne 4. Eric Malden 5.Mr.Jackson 6. Johnny Moran , 7. David Little 8. Colin Evans 9.Mr.Roberts ('Prof' ) 10. Gerry Rawle 11.Jim Davis 12.Mr.Margerison, 13 George Quayle
Row 1: 1. Tina Turley 2.? 3.Lynn Baldwin 4.? 5.Barbara Miles 6.Daphne Hawkins 7.Vicky Eskell 8 Janet Martin 9 Mary Lambert 10 Susan Pitcher 11 Veronica Hunt 12 Pauline Harris 13 Heather Pritchard 14 Rosamund Parker 15 Madeline Collier.

Thanks to Dave Nash for adding (July 2007): "This photo was taken in our first year and was the last year when the green blazers were official uniform.You will see that some people were already wearing black blazers as I think it was a transition period".
Thanks also to Roger Whitehouse, Jacquie Mace, Susan Lewis, Cliff Street and Max Thomas.

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