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Coleford Amateur Dramatic Society (CADS).


Coleford Amateur Dramatic Society (CADS) production of “Will Any Gentleman?”, Coleford Town Hall, c. 1962.

1 Ken Prisk, 2 Marjorie Brown, 3 Geoff Bunn, 4 Angela Kear, 5 , 6 Molly Gwilliam, 7 Leo Davies, 8 Jean Burgwyn, 9 David Dowle, 10 Wilma Nash, 11 , 12 Tom Rothwell, 13 .

Bill Nash added (May 2016): "... Angela Kear ... was Eric (Kear's) wife. Eric too performed with the CADS as did my father whose sister Wilma Nash is in the ... photo with Angela. My mother Joyce acted in, produced, and directed plays for the CADS for some 30 yrs including some of the very successful pantomimes and Old Time Music Halls. Eric actually built the Coleford Community Centre which was demolished in recent years, where the CADS performed after the old Town Hall was knocked down to make way for traffic! (Mind you the Town Hall stage was pretty horrrific for performances!!)".

Thanks also to Janet Kear and Gill Knowles.

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