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Coleford church choir in 1948.

Coleford church choir 1948

Terry wrote: "... The attached photograph was recently given to me by Shirley Hodgson, who had been sent it by a Sylvia Jenkins (as was), who appears in your photograph of Bells Grammar School 1947-2. I'm fairly certain that it was taken in about 1948 or 1949, because Lawrence Wraith, the Vicar, moved to Yate in about 1949, and my father became Churchwarden in about 1947. I've roughly traced out the heads on the photograph to provide a key, and between Shirley and I we have the possible names as follows:

3 Norman Bayliss, 4 Either John Joseph or Bob Adams. 5 Teddy Wilc,e 6 - Brian Benfield 7 Possibly David Ellis, 8 Charlie Saunders, 9 Olive Gwilliam, (Organist) 10 Possibly Ursula Phipps, 11 Possibly Agnes Hughes, 12 Ethel Cole, 13 Hazel Hone, 14 Possibly Eleanor Hughes, 15 Barbara Joseph, 16 Leslie Ellis (Churchwarden) 17 Possibly Keith Dorrington, 18 John Bright, 19 Peter Homer, 21 Dennis Barnard, 22 Ralph Harper (Churchwarden) 23 John Barter, 24 Roger Hart, 25 Bishop - who looks foreign, and may have visited for a Confirmation 26 Lawrence Wraith (Vicar) 27 Bishop's Wife 28 ? Richards, 29 Alan Potter

It's a start, anyway. I recognise some of the faces but can't put names to them. One or two I've guessed at by looking at the 1958 Choir picture, and visualising them 10 years later".

Thanks also to Gill Knowles.

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