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Scowles School taken ca. 1959

Scowles School

David wrote: "Attached is a pic of Scowles School taken ca. 1957/58 It would be good if users could identify some of those in the pic as I've offered it to Tom Bint for his tremendous site on the Dance Family and the history of the Scowles and the school.
Those I can be sure of are the three adults, who are (left to right) Mrs Lillian Jones (who taught the Infants and lived near Joyford Hill), Mrs A B Hamblin (who taught the Juniors, was Headteacher and lived at Mile End) and Mrs Dorothy (Dot) Dowle (my mother who was school cook and lived on the Scowles)".

Back row: 1 Susan Barrow, 2 Barbara Miles, 3 Patricia Harris, 4 Brian Creed, 5 Pamela Hubberd, 6 Paul Williams, 7 Lyndon Kear, 8 Kevin Howard, 9 Nicholas Lyner, 10 Melvin Crook 11 Les Ruck , 12 Gillian Jones.
Front row: 1 Ray "Buller" Gwilliam, 2 Martin Sayell, 3 Charles Dickens, 4 ? Creed, 5 David Ruck, 6 ?, 7 Linda Darby, 8 Susan Brown, 9 Brenda Ward, 10 Susan Darby, 11 Veronica Hunt, 12 Karen Darby.

Regarding the scroll and the shield above the windows David wrote: "... Have tried blowing up the scroll and it looks like it could read Heffer, Hoffor, Hepper, Hoppor or even Heller or Hollor. Just can't get it crisp enough to be sure. There's also something on the window surround that looks like it might be 'MB' - for Mary Brickdale one assumes. Over the large window there is a coat of arms but, again, can't quite make it out ... Have done some more digging and have found mottoes for both the Fortescue and Brickdale families neither of which seem to help! They are: Brickdale: Fide et fortitudine: With faith and fortitude Fortescue: Forte scutum salus ducum; A strong shield is the safety of generals There is also a Fortescue coat of arms (attached) which appears in various guises but none look close to what's on the school wall. .

Dave Nash added: "... just noticed Barbara Miles named on this photo. She, Brian Creed, Veronica Hunt and Mike Smith all passed for Bells in the space of 2 years. Do'nt know about any of the younger ones but must have been a high percentage pass rate in those two years i.e 1961 and 1962 with only a few pupils sitting the 11 plus each year. Still believe this to be 1960".

Ian Teague added: "... School was bought by Stuart and Joan Perkins and I worked for Stuart on Saturdays when I was about 16/17 yrs old....I believe he still lives there".

Gordon Whitmore Smith added (November 2013): "... When I lived in Staunton I was a pupil at Scowles School from 1936 till 1941 when the headmistress was Miss Moody supported by Mrs Hamblin and Miss Marjorie Brown. In 1940 I won the Divinity Prize which was a book of Common Prayer Hymns A & M and the inscription inside the cover read "The Divinity Prize Scowles Christmas 1940 presented by Sir Charles and Lady Fortescue-Brickdale with best wishes to Gordon Smith. If ye Love me, keep my Commandments John X1V." I thought that the presenters of the prize were Governors of the school at that time".

The above photo, more information on the Scowles, the School and the connection to the Brickdale and Fortescue's can be found here.

Thanks also to Pam Smith, David Dowle, Dennis Freemen, Mike Smith, Keith Thomas and Dave Nash.

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