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Hintons and others in the Forest of Dean


Janet's notes are below:

Top left: Great Gran Elsmore (top left) was my father's Grandmother . She and her husband ran the 'Prince of Wales' Public House (now demolished) at the bottom of Sparrow Hill in Coleford. They later ran the 'Foresters' Public House at Mile End before moving to Ellwood.

Middle top: I Know nothing about Great Gran Hook (middle top) but going by the candles on the cake the photo must have been taken at some momentous birthday. I presume that she lived in the Parkend/ Whitecroft area

Top right: The photo titled Great Grandad Hinton (top right) is a photo of my father's (Birt) grandad. His name was Charles Hinton and he was born in 1863 and Baptised in 1864 .He was the son of Charles Hinton who married Henrietta Roberts in1859. The elder Charles came into the Forest as a 'Mine Sinker' and I have been unable to find out where he originated from (Family folklore thinks it may have been Cornwall)

Bottom right: Great Gran Hinton, Great uncle Harry, Great aunt Ellen, Great uncle Ben. Great. Gran Hinton is pictured at her home at Palmers Flat.

Bottom left: I know nothing about Great Uncle Charlie Hinton

Janet Hardick added (January 2011): "... my grandmother was Kate Hinton, daughter of Charles and Rhoda Cutler. They married in 1884 Charles being the son of Charles who married Henrietta in 1859. ... . My gran and Aunty Nell were sisters and I spent idyllic summer holidays with Ben and Nell staying in the Forest. I was born and brought up in Bath. My gran, known as Nana married Percy Roberts and after the first war moved to Bath from Chepstow working for the GP with whom he had worked during the war. But let's concentrate on the Hintons My gran Kate was one of about 9 children so Charles Hinton who married Henrietta was her grandfather. I have not got much further back than this yet although I believe Thomas Hinton Charles's father may have been from Dorset".

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Philip Powell asked (December 2020): "... Did Ellen and Ben have two sons Phillip and Jim (Sydney James)?".

Sally Chadderton added (March 2024): "... Mrs Hook was Matilda Cooper. She had 13 children with Jacob Hook. Their second youngest daughter was Clara who married Sid Thomas. Clara was my grandmother. My Dad Arthur Thomas says Matilda lived with them before she died in1946 at the age of 87. They lived at Ivy Cottage, Park Hill Whitecroft".

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