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Mailscot Lodge near Christchurch, Gloucestershire.


Mailscot Lodge c. 1900?

Back Left to right (all those standing): Aunt Ellen Dyke, Leo Smith, May Dyke, Ernest Thomas Churchill Smith, Aunt Lizzie Smith, Annie Smith, Harriet Ansley, Mother, George Smith, Father, MaryPrice and her son Harold Price (in front of fence), Aunt Mary Delaney, Aunt Jenny Collins (U.S.A.), Eva Smith and Dorothy Clements, Aunt Annie Ansley, Ernest Whittington, Sydney Smith,

Front RIGHT TO LEFT (all those sitting): Aunt Agnes Clements and Tom Clements, Uncle Charles Smith, Kathleen Clements, Mabel Collins, Aunt Fanny Whittington, Jack Collins, Aunt Harriet Clements, Frank Smith, Gertie Smith (Richards), Agnes Collins, Harry Smith, Fanny Delaney (Coole), Arthur Clements, Harry Price.

I believe that 'Father', is Henry Smith (1841 - 1922) and 'Mother', Mary Ann Smith (nee Churchill) and that the relatives are those of Annie Smith (born 1882). - Ed.

As mentioned elsewhere several generations of the Smith family served as Crown Keepers - click here for more.

Thanks also to John Gillo who added (Apr 2009): "... the location is Mailscot Lodge, the date I believe to be later than 1900, the reason was the visit of the Colins family from Beloit Wisconsin, where they had emigrated".

Adeline Marty added (April 2011): "... the photo of the Collins family from Beloit Wisconsin was of Jack, Agnes and Mabel Collins. It was their parents who emigrated to U.S. in 1869 and 1870. Their father, John E. Collins was born in Heathcock, Devonshire Nov. 4 1849. Their mother, Jane Smith Collins, was the daughter of Richard and Mary Smith and was born Dec.6 1848 in Hillersland, Gloucestershire. Jack Agnes and Mabel were my daughter Jane's great uncle and aunts. We were thrilled to find the photo and Lodge. We assume John and Jane Smith Collins worked at the Lodge in some capacity".

Janet Evans added (August 2012): "... I have a number of old pictures that may be of interest to Jane Smith the person who posted this photo of Mailscot Lodge. I would like to get in touch with her to see if she would recognize any of them. I am the grand-niece of Adeline Marty who commented on the photo last year".

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