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Bells Grammar School Swimming Pool

Bells Pool

The pool was originally provided for Bells Grammar School. Pupils brought in subscriptions each week to help fund the pool. Later the pool was still in use after Bells Grammar School had been replaced by the Royal Forest Grammar school at Five Acres. The pool has since been filled in.

Jeff Jones added (Feb, 2016): "... Thanks for posting this pic and solving a puzzle for me !. I think this must be the pool we used while attending our last year at Bilson Primary School in 1973 ?. We went once a week during probably summer term (early July) by coach from Cinderford, only a short trip but all great fun, although from memory the water was freezing cold !. We were lined-up all along the long side, strongest swimmers at the deep end. Luckily I was one of those stronger ones, when instructed to do a width of whatever stroke, we raced across as fast as we could to hopefully climb out and thus keep "warm", while awaiting the slower learners. It probably wasn't much fun for them in the cold, but still a great treat and really important too of course".

Bob Smith added (August 2017): "... I can remember going to use the pool in the summer holidays during my early teens. I think we had to pay but how much I can't recall. My Mum always bemoaned the fact that she had contributed towards the pool during her time at the school but that she never got to swim in it as she left school before it was completed.".

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