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A deisel loco. at Whitcliff Quarry, Gloucestershire.

Whitcliff Quarry (29k)

The last train out of Whitcliff Quarry near Coleford in the Forest of Dean.

P Langham added (Sept 2018) "This could be at the Southern end of the quarry, sat at the Stub of the track, waiting at the points to run round and take away the train. Maybe it bought in some empties and is on a break whilst the trucks are shovel loaded. Behind the loco, i think it could be the Southern route, long since lifted. Just a though as i was there for the 1st time ever, just recently".

Bob Smith added (Feb 2023): "... PJ Langham you're spot on ....The Engine is facing back towards Coleford ,probably about to run around a train of wagons that will have been loaded under the immense crushing and grading plant that was there in those days. Behind the engine would have been a short stub of rails out onto the 'Dog Kennel' Bridge and that was the very end of what had once been the line down to Monmouth. Ironically if you manage to get through the undergrowth out onto the bridge, you can clearly still find quite a lot of typical white limestone railway ballast still lying there all these years after the line disappeared for good".

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