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Euroclydon House near Drybrook.

Euroclydon House

Mike wrote: "Walking around a small church yard in Kite Georgia I noticed a few names that you don't see very much in this neck of the woods but are familiar to the Forest, notably Meeks and Gunter.
As a small boy I lived close to Drybrook at a house shown in the photograph called "Euroclydon" (the house on the hill with the tower). We lived there with my Grandparents, the Marfells. In the foreground is Hawthorns Cross and to the left was a small pub, to the immediate right was Silverstone Farm which they also owned".
If you can use the photograph ,which probably was taken in the 20s, feel free to do so....regards Mike Hide

Frederick Meek added (August 2010): "... As a lad I grew up in Drybrook in 1950/60's. Euroclyden then was an hotel which had a small swimming pool at the rear we used to swim in. My friends parents ran the Crown Pub Marshall's but it was converted to a house in the 1980s . Now Euroclyden is a nursing home where a few years ago I worked as a care assistant looking after many of Drybrooks old folk. Lovely memories of the whole area the people of the Drybrook and the surrounding area were full of characters".

Brian Evans added (January 2011): "... My grandfather Fred Evans ran the Crown inn at the left of the picture until the late 1940s My uncle John John Evans still lives nearby at the Plump in Mitcheldean".

John Gorham added (July 2011): "... I went to Drybrook school and in 1953, when it was coronation day, I went up the tower with a lad who lived there - can't remember his name. I left Drybrook in 1957 and joined the Royal Navy. I left the navy in 1969 and have since lived in Stevenage".

Ellis Lole added (July 2014): "... When I was 14 years old I went with my best mate at the time on holiday on our cycles .We called to see my mates uncle at Euroclydon house. He invited us in and we stayed a week it was great there was an old stagecoach And we cleaned it up and gave it a coat of paint. My mates name was Keith Davis and the year was 1958 .Also there was a skittle alley. We had a great time . If anyone knows Keith can they get in touch . Ellis" (- click the button below and we'' forward your info to Ellis)

Tina Light added (November 2016): "... Euroclydon was my Grandmother's family home where she and her sister were brought up; she was a Brain. My Mother recently passed away and I have inherited some of the antiques which were once in Euroclydon. I'm having some TLC/restoration work done although they are in surprising good condition considering they were taken out to Zimbabwe in 1930, then down to South Africa in 1980 and have now been brought back to the UK. I remember my Grandmother showing me photos of her childhood at Euroclydon and am hoping I'll find these amongst the things I've brought back".

Simeon Lyons added (October 2017): "... I now own the original house to the left of the Euroclydon (Oakfield House) and also the field to the right of the main entrance lane to the Euroclydon. I believe my house was built around 1830 and was built as a coach house for the main Euroclydon house. I would love to know any more history about it and also the two lime kilns at the bottom of my field".

James Brown added (October 2018): "... My Uncle Stanley Archibald Brown owned the Euroclydon Hotel. He grew up in Drybrook with his brothers and sisters all living at the Hawthorns a house long gone due to its proximity to the quarry. My father, Wilf Brown left Drybrook when he was about 14 or 15 around 1939. His brother Stan had moved to Coventry where ultimately he made a lot of money with a factory making 'blackout paper' during the war. I guess that it was after the war that he bought the Euroclydon Hotal. My cousin Jill married Wally Marfell and I think that they lived quite close to Drybrook, ... ".

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