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Grancher Meek of Drybrook - c. 1930.

image: John Meek of Drybrook c 1930.

David wrote (Oct 2006): " This is John Meek of Drybrook, who was my wife's paternal grandfather (or Grandsher, as I think the Forest Folk call them!). He was born in 1858, and married Anne Baker of Drybrook, who was 25 at the time (April 11th., 1887). They had 15 children (!), two of which were killed in WW1, one other died as a result of being gassed in WW1, one died aged 4½, and my wife's father, Maurice Martin Meek was the one killed in the mining accident at Northern United Colliery in 1942. We have records of all the children, which we are willing to share with anyone who shows an interest!"

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