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Nissen Huts from WWII.


Terry added: "... please find two photos. The first is the last hut remaining on the site of the camp used by Patton's Third Army in Ross On Wye. The following info is from the diary of the Third Army.
'... on the 28th January 1944 we embarked to England on a ship called the Andes. It took ten days to cross the Atlantic, landing at Liverpool. We then boarded a bus where the driver scared the hell out of us by driving on the wrong side of the road. We eventually arrived at a railway station and were soon on our way to southern England to a small town called Ross On The Wye where we were billited in nissen huts and given a bucket of coal'.

The second photo shows the remains of a nissen hut moved from the camp at Ross to Drybrook where it remains in a sorry state".

Alfred Mason added (August 2011): "... In much better condition is the nissen hut at Drybrook Rugby Club. This also came from the Ross camp in the early 1950s where it had also been used for emergency housing after the war.It was at one time the HQ of the rugby club and used as a changing room until 1976. It then became a storeroom for a few years until the rugby club allowed the Drybrook District Racing Pigeon Club to use the building in the early 1980s. The pigeon club still use the building today".

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