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The Yankee Cinema at Wigpool, Gloucestershire.

Yankee Cinema

US soldierTerry wrote: "... please find enclosed 3 photos. Popped up to Wigpool on a bright Saturday afternoon. A lot has changed since my last visit, extensive felling of trees. I guess it's reverting back to a common. Re the photos; the U.S soldier is Douglas Webber Sleeman. He was stationed on the common along with hundreds of other servicemen here in preparation for the D Day landings 6th June 1944".
"During their time here members of the 144th Field Artillery Group 3rd Army would convert the scowle hole know locally as 'Christ a Weeping' into a cinema. A large white sheet was hung up at the face and wooden seats were put in on the rear slope. These seats were said to be made out of the wooden vehicle crates which were present in their hundreds on the common. A local told me that the cinema was used several times a week both by locals and by the US servicemen stationed there. He also said that new films were being shown, he can remember watching Rebbeca with his girlfriend".
"The two other photos show the scowle hole".
"The top photo is looking down the slope at the face where the sheet was hung".
"The bottom photo is looking back up the slope on which the seats were sited".
" Sadly just before the U.S. army left the common the seats were removed and burnt on the common. It wasn't all bad, a lot of surplus food was buried and markers were left so the locals could dig the supplies back up after the troops had gone. I would be interested to hear from anyone who lived on the common during the time the Army was there".

Mrs Joan Butcher added (October 2017): "... "I was evacuated to Mitcheldean. I remember the American soldiers bulldozed a hill and gave Mitcheldean the lovely flat playing field that is so useful. I sat on the swings nearby and watched it happening. I also remember looking out of my bedroom window in Gloucester Road to see all the army move out in one night. Mitcheldean was heaven to a London child.

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