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Track to East Dean Grammar School Sports Field.

EDGS Sports

East Dean Grammar School

Steve wrote: "A shot of the track across 'Farmer's Fields' leading to the EDGS sports field used in the 1950s. The field is at the top of St Whites Road".

John Phillips added (August 2020):"... This photo brings back many memories. The field was used for everything. Rugby, hockey, cricket and athletics. The farmhouse on the right was occupied by the farmer Mr Jesse Virgo. He was a tenant farmer, his landlord being the Council, which is why we were allowed the use of the field. In about 1956 Mr Virgo bought the freehold and we were unceremoniously turfed off our playing field! After that some sporting facilities transferred to Ruardean Hill (inconvenient) and summer sports to a field next to The Causeway Football Ground. One year Sports Day was actually held on the playing field of Double View Secondary Modern School. The Causeway playing field came into use in preparation for the new Grammar School. Sadly this never materialised and EDGS merged with Bells Grammar School in 1968".

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