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View of Ellwood from Fetter Hill, Gloucestershire.

Ellwood view.

A View of Ellwood from Fetter Hill

Peter added: " ... the front of my house is in the centre bottom of the photo. To the left was Thomas's house. This is ' Rose Cottage' - you already have a pic of the family. Old 'Pop' Thomas and his son George lived there. He was still alive when I was a boy. Pop is the man with the pipe. (click here)
The roof and gables of Ellwood school can be seen at the top of picture with James's living in the white house in front (Ellwood House). To the far right in Fetter Hill was Joe Elsmore (the coalman), just to the left of Elsmore's was Heart's, then over on the left side was granny Elsmore, then just behind, partly hidden by my house was Elton Nelmes and Orpa".

Yvonne Hill added (July 2009): "... I was interested to see the photos and hear the comments of Peter Jones and others.  Prior to his family, my parents (Reg and Eva Preest) were tenants of the house in which he and his family resided. I lived there, too, until I was about three and a half years old, when we moved to Brockhollands. (Eva was the daughter of Pop Thomas, who lived at Rose Cottage.)  I have some memory of Ruth Jones,as a girl with long fairish hair, but cannot remember Peter, who was probably younger. Besides the George pub there was also the Royal Oak (run by Mr. and Mrs. Wildin) which was situated across the road from Pullens stone working company. (It was often wondered, within the family, if such a small place as Fetter Hill would have warranted two pubs had it not been for my grandfather`s love of their beverages!)  I remember that the Hinton family lived somewhere nearby and can recall Jackie Hinton, and also knew of Alma Hinton.  I often accompanied my father when he fished at a place we called "Heron`s" pond (however, the late Mr. C.J. Esmore informed me that the correct name was "Aaron`s" pond).  This pond was found a few hundred yards up the Ellwood/Sling road and across the railway line.
Somewhere up this road, also, I remember was the home of the lady who stood trial for the murder of her husband, but was found innocent of the charge".

Terry James (who is researching the James family) asked (June 2009): "... can anyone please tell me which James`s lived at Elwood ?."

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