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The darts team photographed with trophies outside the Royal Oak, Fetter Hill.

A photo of members of the Royal Oak pub darts team on Fetter Hill, Gloucestershire

Back: L-R: 1 Pearl Smith (lady at back), 2. Colin Pritchard, 3.Vera Ricketts/Morgan, 4.Ivor Cox, 5 Flo Hinton, 6 Jim Smith, 7 Win Cox, 8.Ted Morgan, 9.Mr Cox Snr.
Front: L-R:1.Stan Cox, 2. Jack Hinton, 3, Eric Morris, 4 Brian Cox (boy at front), 5.(holding cup) Bill Hudson,6, Bert Parry , 7.Alf Hinton.

Colin added: "The man in front with the cup is Bill Hudson, a well known sportsman, Fast bowler at cricket and Goalkeeper at football".

Dave added: "...Mrs Cox and her Husband Ivor went from the Royal Oak (presumably when it shut) to the Rising Sun at Five Acres.They ran the Rising Sun for a number of years, it is now known as The Gamekeeper".

Sally-Anne Hinton added (March 2019): "... Is anyone able to identify which year this photo taken? Also is Flo Hinton's maiden name Elsmore(Florrie Brown Elsmore)? Also is Alf and Jack her sons (Alfred Stanley and Frank John)? ".

Thanks also to of Mr Jack Hinton, Ivor Ellis, Colin Henderson, Dave Nash and Margaret Wilce.

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