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Help needed, where is/was Greenway, Littledean?.

letter to Willie Farr

David wrote: "... The attached scan is of an envelope in rather a poor state I'm afraid but with a very clear address which was in my Mother's effects. I understand that my Great Grandfather, Edward William FARR Married Isabella Maria FOWLER daughter of a Joseph FOWLER in 1858. My Grandfather William Edward FARR was born in 1870 so could be the 'Master Willie Farr' on the envelope . Having searched on Google Earth it looks as though Greenway either no longer exists, or has been replaced by a later building. I wonder if you could put this on your site and perhaps someone from Littledean might know something about this address".

Does anyone have any ideas?

Gill Knowles added: "... When researching my family history I came across the address Greenway East Dean on the death certificate of my mother's brother who died in 1911 aged 5. It was listed as an Isolation Hospital. This may be the same building ... After further research Greenway seems to be an area and not the name of a house or isolation hospital".

Terry Morton added"... Its probably Greenbottom which was an isolation hospital. I was there with my sister during the war. I was too young at the time to remember it now".

Mark ? added: "... Not sure what area you have covered in your search but Greenway is an area between Chestnuts Hill and Georges Lane. I guess it is possible that because the population was small and everyone knew each other that an address could be quite vague in this way".

Alan Joiner added: "... Reference the address Greenway. During the war my auntie and uncle Doll and Harry Stephens were the caretakers of the Isolation Hospital situated between Littledean and Greenbottom. The Hospital was a corrugated iron building now long demolished, but the caretakers accommodation is still there and is now I believe a special school. I spent many happy times there during the war playing with my cousin Tony Goode who was evacuated there at the time. The address at that time was Greenway Littledean Glos so I presume it was an area".

Jeff Jones added: "... if you internet search Greenway, Littledean you should these references:
1. A modern bungalow of that name listed pictured on a property website by a Dymock estate agents as correctly said above it's at the western base of Chestnuts Hill beyond the old prison towards Collafield if viewed from Littledean Church.
2. British County History site page for Littledean among other references this definitive history states north of Waterend Lane a homestead built by Richard Taylord. 1712 became known as the Greenway. This site is highly recommended for researching history of properties places in the Dean.
3. Searching the excellent website for Littledean allows viewing of new and especially old Ordnance Survey maps of the area the in close detail, the 1880 & 1901 maps both show houses at Greenway near Chestnuts Cottages which are also still inhabited".

Dave Tuffley added: "... Just a thought - but there is a Greenway Road just off the southern end of Church Road in Cinderford. Also Cinderford was originally known as Littledean Woodside. This might be wide of the mark".

Chris Clarke added: "... Greenway is situated just passed Littledean Jail towards Glos - it's the first left hand turn on the bad bend- it is sign posted".

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