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Lydbrook Old Folks Committee outing in 1978.

Lydbrook 1978

Lydbrook Old Folks Committee - 1978

Michael wrote (May 2007): "Lydbrook Old Folks Committee taking Old Folks on a day's outing to Paignton in 1978.
From left to right. 1 Mr Jack Duggan, 2 Mrs Kear, 3 Mrs Kath Hatton, 4 Mr Michael Stephens, 5 Mr Les Hatton, 6 Miss E. Whitburn,.7 and 8 Mr and MrsWadley, 9 Mrs Betty Benning, 10 Dawn Harris, 11 Mrs Harris, 12 Mr Bill Hale.
Mr Rowsell is sitting on the coach looking through the window. The coaches were owned by Edwards of Lydbrook. Behind the second coach can be seen the roof of the Methodist Chapel. The Old Folks Committee used to have various events throughout the year to raise enough money for the outing and a voucher at Christmas"

Alison Watkins added (Sept 2009): "They still have harvest festivals and coffee mornings to raise money for the outings and christmas vouchers. Cliff Watkins used to do the auctioning but now his daughter Alison Watkins does it".

Doreen Berry - nee Warden added (October 2011): "... Mrs.Wadley was my sister Elsie. My family spent many happy times in Lydbrook and got to know many people in the village and Joys Green. In WWII my brother Arthur, my niece Pam and I were all evacuated and stayed with Elsie and Chubby in the bungalows in Stowfield and went to school in Joys Green. My memories of the walk along the railway line and over the viaduct waving to Mrs. Wadley if she was in her garden below before climbing that long walk up to Joys Green to go to school are still very strong. I visited my niece and her husband only this weekend with my son and his wife and saw my nephews. I also saw one of my oldest friends Isla Coutts nee Watkins whose Gran Mrs. Watkins also lived in one of the Stowfield bungalows. It was such a lovely weekend and was the reason I looked on to the Lydbrook site. Can anyone remember the name of the two routes up to Joys Green from the railway line? just over the bridge I think there were two, one being if I remember rightly The Rocks or Rock Road but I was sure that there was another one that we also used which wasnt so rocky. I know it passed the Lane's house as Gordon was a friend of ours. Lydbrook holds many happy memories for me".

Thanks also to Dave Tyler (grandson of Jack Duggan).


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