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Lydbrook Primitive Methodist ladies in 1926.

Lydbrook ladies 1926

"Lydbrook Primitive Methodists Church - Womens Own - 1926

This photo is "Lydbrook Primitive Methodists Church - Womens Own - 1926". Some people suspected that it was Lydbrook Baptist ladies - but see the comments below.
Row 3: 1 , 2 Mrs George Jones, 3 , 4 Mrs Robinson, 5 Mrs Tom Woodhouse, 6 Mrs Jack Jordan, 7 Mrs L? Jordan.
Row 2: 1 Mrs Lerego, 2 Mrs Fletcher, 3 , 4 Granny Lears?, 5 Millie Cotton, 6 Gran Bruton?, 7 Mrs Annie Jones, 8 Nurse E Hall, 9 Mrs Latham (father was minister).
Row 1: 1 Mrs Knight, 2 Mrs Teague, 3 Mrs E Powell, 4 Mrs Bartlett, 5 Mrs Morris, 6 Mrs Thurza Gibbs, 7 Mrs Phoebe Gibbs.

Jude Kaye added (June 2007): "I believe this photo is of the Lydbrook Baptist Chapel Women's group".

Michael Stephens added (July 2007): "Mrs Phobe Gibbs was my Great Grandmother and as far as I know she went to the Bapist Chapel".

Arthur Sollars added (December 2009): " The photograph is definitely that of the Lydbrook Primitive Methodists Women's Own. I attended the Chapel with my parents from a very young age and remember most of the Ladies in the photograph, particularly Mesdames Robinson, Woodhouse, Fletcher, Millie Cotton, Gran Bruton, Annie Jones. E Powell, Bartlett ( She took the older girls in bible readings at Methodist Sunday School ), Thurza Gibbs (wife of Fred Gibbs the Baker ) and Phoebe Gibbs. Phoebe did attend the Baptist Chapel but also supported the Methodist Chapel. Her husband, Arthur Gibbs, attend the Methodist Chapel and often took services when planned Preachers were unable to attend for whatever reason. Such was his devotion that many times I remember seeing tears rolling down his cheeks when he was expounding his beliefs but his voice never seemed to falter. Nurse Hall was my Grandmother (my Mother's Mother)".

Sean Johnson Taylor added (August 2013): "... I believe that Mrs. Annie Jones was my great-great grandmother. Her maiden name I believe was Workman, and she was married to George Jones, with who she had 6 children. Would welcome any additional information if someone has it".

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