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Stowfield Lydbrook c 1980.

Stowfield c 1980

Stowfield, Lydbrook

Terry wrote (July 2007): "The picture is of the old Reeds and Temco factories at Stowfield, Lydbrook. It dates from around 1980 as the Reeds Tower, a well known local landmark, is still in place (demolished circa 1987) Also Temco looks to be fully functional, they moved out in 1986. Finally the site of my house in Upper Stowfield Road built in 1985 is still an orchard. Sadly as I write the "Reeds" buildings are falling victim to senseless vandalism".

Thanks also to Colin Davies who wrote (Feb 2008): "The orchard that Terry Burton refers, is it immediately before the first semi-detached house on the right as you turn up into Upper Stowfield Road??. My father (Cyril Davies) bought the first of the semi's without the orchard, in around 1968, from Mr Cliff Jones. He bought the orchard later when he had saved up enough money!. Incidently, Mike Prosser who played in the famous Lydbrook Athletic football team of the 60's, lived next door to us!".

Terry added (May 2008): " .. just to confirm Colin's question....our house is built on that orchard to the right of the first semi......".

Richard ? added (April 2010): "... In the late 60s I used to live in the old station house which was right next to the factory at the right of this picture"

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