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Worral Hill - a pig roast.

Image: Worral Hill Pir Roast (27k)

Thanks to Wendy Mattera for clarifing who is who on this photo (Aug 2007):
" The man on the left as I look at the photo, with a tie, is O.B.Jordan, my uncle Bert.
The man with a cap is Harry Smith, who was Bert's next door neighbour.
The young man in a short-sleeved shirt is Alan Wilkes.
The man holding the log is Boyo Davies, my cousin".

Janet Kear added: "The photo with the roast is probably at Worrall Hill and the person to the far left is a Mr Jordon and the man in the cap is Mr Harry Smith".
Peter Teague added - Next is Alan Wilkes (nickname Speedy), then Ken Teague.
Iris Beard added: (January 2007): "The person first on the right of the photograph is John Davies (locally known as Boyo) and not Ken Teague".
Boyo's son added (July 2007): "The bloke on the left is definitely (my Dad) Arthur John Davies a.k.a. BOYO - son of Evelyn and Arthur George (Grampy Tat to me) Davies of Worrall Hill. Can anyone tell me if the Mr. Jordan is my great uncle Bert or great uncle Henry?".

Gordon Powell added (May 2012): "... Person on left of photo is definitely O.B.Jordan, Bert and brother to Boyo's mother".

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