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Issue Number: 64    April    1897
Lydney and Aylburton Parish Magazine
Price ONE PENNY Free by post for 1/6 per annum


Parish Magazine

No.64, New Series April, 1897.

Published on or near the First Day of every Month,

H. Osborne, Printer, St. Mary's Square, Gloucester.



(My baptism, wherein I was made a member of Christ, the child of God, and an inheritor of the kingdom of Heaven.)

Mar. 3 Evelyn May, daughter of R. and E.S.Hughes
Mar. 7 Earnest Henry John, son of J. and F. Knight
Mar. 7 Elsie Muriel, daughter of C.F. and I Thorne
Mar.11 Winifred Margery, daughter of A.W. and M. Price
Mar.11 William Thomas, son of W. and E. Wilcox
Mar.11 Alfred Thomas Lear, son of A.T. and E.J. Probert
Mar.14 Mabel Hilda, daughter of J.H. and P. Lewis Aylburton
Mar.17 Rebecca, daughter of W. and S. Brown, Lydney
Mar.18 Frederick Roland, son of R. and M. Sterry
Mar.21 Leonard George, son of C. and E.J. Rees
Mar.25 Norah Eveline, daughter of G.L. and C.B. Wooles


(Christ loved his Spouse the Church.)

Mar. 8 Herbert Hancock and Mary Elizabeth Thorne


(Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.)

Mar. 8 William Vincent Lamb, aged 70 years
Mar.10 William Henry Davis, aged 63 years
Mar.11 Ellen Elizabeth Aplin, aged 6 months
Mar.12 Charles Earnest Hawkins, aged 11 months
Mar.12 Frederick William Edwards, aged 11 months
Mar.12 Emma Mary Frances Harris, aged 70 years
Mar.20 Mary Rose Williams, aged 85 years


(Upon the first day of the week let everyone of you lay by him in store, as God hath prospered him.)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £. s. d
Feb.28 -- Indian Famine . . . . 4.15. 1
Mar. 7 -- Primrose Hill Mission 3.11. 8
Mar.14 -- Church Expenses . . . 0.19. 7
Mar.21 -- National Society. . . 1.15. 4


1. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.
. .Morning Prayer and Ante-Communion Service at 11.
. .Evening Prayer at 7.30 with Sermon
2. Good Friday,
. .Morning Prayer and Ante-Communion Service at 10
. .Three Hours Service at 12
. .Evening Prayer at 6.30
3. Saturday. Morning Prayer at 7.40
4. Easter Day.
. .The Eucharist will be offered at 7,8, and 12
. .Morning Prayer will be said at 11
. .Evening Prayer will be said at 6.30

The Three Hours' Service will be taken by the Rev.F.Bryce, Assistant Priest, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham.

The Concert given by the Choir has placed to the credit of the Surplice and Cassock Fund £5.17s.9d. Notice has been already given of it in the paper, or we should have given an account of it here. Suffice it to say it was a real Choir Concert, in that the members of the Choir, without any extra help, except in two items, which needed more than our trebles were equal to, furnished the entire programme.
The work of replacing the old vestments is being undertaken by Mrs Besant's Working Parties.


. . . . . . . . . £. s. d.
Sale of Tickets . 6. 8. 6
Printing,etc . . 0.10. 9
. . . . . . . . .________

. . . . . . . . .£5.17. 9
Due for material. 3. 2. 0
. . . . . . . . .________

Carried forward .£2.15. 9

. . . . . . . . .________

March 26th, 1897 F. Price, Hon Sec

More subscriptions received for the Parish Magazine and acknowledged with thanks:- Mrs Rees(senr.) 1/-, Mrs Scholes 1/-, Mrs F. Powwell 1/-, Mrs Legge 1/-, Mrs J. Williams 1/-,Mrs Webb 1/-.


Last Easter, owing to the disaster which befell our Church, I determined to forego the usual Easter offering, which, as you know, according to the directions in the Prayer Book, is accustomed to be made by Christians on that day to him who ministers to them in holy things. I made an offering to God in will of what I might have received from you in deed.
This year I am compelled to appeal again, and in the words with which you are all familiar, if I have sown unto spiritual things is it a great matter if I should reap your carnal things. The truth is that owing to the depreciation in the value of the tithe, the income of this Parish of Lydney and Aylburton, after the payment of the Curate's stipend, rates and taxes, is no longer what is termed a living, but has sunk to a sum which I am ashamed to make public, but which I should be pleased to state to anyone who wishes to know what it is.
It is the Curate's stipend which weighs so heavily on me, and I appeal to you in the Easter offering to join with me in sharing this burden. I venture to quote from the Archdeacon's Visitation, who says in this matter of the incomes of the clergy as follows:-
"When we come to the third characteristic of a true Church, justice towards her servants-"For the labourer is worthy of his hire,- we have, I am sorry to say, a not very pleasant tale to tell. I am bound in the matter to speak very plainly. Can Churchmen be roused to a sense of the very serious evil which is now pressing upon us; the dire poverty and distress of a large number of our livings, especially in the rural districts. I know it is a delicate subject, but it must be faced sooner or later, and the sooner the better. It is, of course, easy to say that the impoverishment of out rural benefices is owing to the same causes which have impoverished all connected with the land - agricultural depression, low prices etc. Yes, but this does not touch the root of the evil. In one word, that evil is that the Church is living on our ancestors, and that except in large towns and in wealthy congregations our own age is doing nothing whatever for the sustentation of the beneficed clergy. It is a very painful and humiliating statement, but it is true." (Charge of Archdeacon of Gloucester.)
This states the case very clearly and truly. There is no doubt that the ordinary Churchman gives nothing to the support of his Minister - a matter which has the first claim on the members of the religious bodies. This is because the endowments hitherto, as a rule, sufficed to relieve him of this responsibility, and enable him to devote his gifts to other purposes.
But the time has come when we Clergy are bound to bring our difficulties to the notice of our parishioners, and, setting aside our own feelings, to speak the truth. It is at the Easter Offering I ask you for help to bear the heavy burden of maintaining the Church's work in this place (I Cor.ix.7.14).
As I have appealed in this matter, may I ask that you will give me the encouragement of allowing me to know those who sympathize with me, that I may not be deprived of the pleasure of thanking my friends.
Your servant in Christ,

Offering for the Church Restoration Fund, £5. from Mrs A.W. Newton.

Subscription to the Churchyard Fund, received with thanks, Mrs Morgan 5/-. We sincerely hope that the practice of opening the tops of the graves and removing the turf will be discontinued, unless, as in one or two instances, the owners carefully attend to them; otherwise the appearance of the Churchyard is entirely spoiled for a great part of the year. Nothing looks better than the green grass, in which a flower or shrub may be planted without removing the green turf, so that when the flowers are withered the green grass in winter is still green - so much better to look at than the black earth.



Image: A J Lumbert (8k)
A. J. Lumbert

Sundays- Matins and Sermon at 11
. . . . .Sunday School at 3
. . . . .Evensong and Sermon at 6.30
. . . . . . . . .ARTHUR J. LUMBERT, Missioner


A mistake which is now explained occurred in the account as published last month. The total should have been £20.12s. 4d., and therefore the balance in hand towards the Sanctuary Hangings, &c is £1.2s. 4d. Since then we have received the following additional subscriptions:- Miss Williams 3/-, Mrs Love (2nd donation) 1/-, Mrs J Davis 10/-.

The missioner would be glad to receive any offerings towards some new cassocks for the choir boys. The present ones are very much the worse for wear, and it would be pleasing at Eastertide to see a start made towards a renewal


. .Matins, 11.0.
. .Evensong, 6.30

Thursday before Easter-
. .Evensong, 7.30

. .Litany, 8.0
. .Matins, 11.0
. .Meditation, 3.0
. .Evensong, 6.30

. .Matins, 7.30
. .Evensong 8.0

. .Matins, 11.0
. .Catechising, 3.0
. .Evensong, 6.30
The Holy Eucharist will be offered on the Sunday after Easter, at 8.30 a.m.

We hope the parents and ratepayers at Primrose Hill will, as last year, support the efforts of the managers to maintain the Schools on Primrose Hill in their present efficient condition. Subscriptions will be received by Miss Childs and acknowledged in the Magazine. The Schools have just been visited by the Government Inspector, who reports on their excellent condition.



Sundays; Holy Communion at 9 am, on 2nd and 4th Sundays in the month, and at 12 on the 1st and 3rd Sundays at 6.30; Friday at 7, Children's Service every third Sunday in the month at 2 o'clock. Baptisms on Friday, at 7pm, and on the 3rd Sunday in the month at 2 pm.
Afternoon Service and Sermon at the Mission Room, every SUnday at 3.30pm.
Holy Communion at 8, all Holy days.


Matins at 11. Evensong at 6.30
In the afternoon at 3 there will be a short Service in preparation for the Easter Communion, with an address to Communicants. It is earnestly hoped that all who intend to communicate on Easter Day will be present at this Service. This Service is for Communicants only.


Holy Communion at 8.30 and 12. Matins at 11. Children's Service at 2. Mission Room at 3. Evensong at 6.30.

On Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, in Holy Week, there will be Short Morning Prayer with Ante-Communion at 11 o'clock.

The offerings on Easter Day will be for the Curate's Fund- a matter which, under the present difficulties of the Vicar, as alluded to in the letter above, invites the sympathy of Churchmen.

An entertainment was given in the Schoolroom on March 1st and 2nd, consisting of music and acting, by members of the Choir, School children, and other friends. The children did their part very well, and the amateur barbers as well. Great praise is due to Miss Pughsley and Miss Brice for the trouble they must have taken. Only those who undertake to get up these entertainments know how much time, trouble, and patience has to be spent on them.
We take this opportunity of thanking Mr. Bathurst for kindly lending us the materials for the platform and having it fixed up; also Miss Willesford, Miss A Dewdney, Miss Hockaday, Mr Bathurst Junr., Mr Dodgin, and others who helped us with the concert.
Expenses being paid, £6. 6s. 3d. is handed over to the Choir and School.
It may be as well to state that there is money owing for music for the Choir; some new books are required; the kneelers need re-covering. The balance remaining will be carried forward for future music.

Transcribed by: May Brace

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