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Issue Number: 72  December    1897
Lydney and Aylburton Parish Magazine
Price ONE PENNY Free by post for 1/6 per annum


Parish Magazine

No.72, New Series December, 1897.

Published on or near the First Day of every Month,

H. Osborne, Printer, St. Mary's Square, Gloucester.

Services at Lydney Parish Church.

HOLY COMMUNION.- 1st and 3rd Sundays in the month at 8 and 12; 2nd and 4th Sundays at 8. Saints' Days at 11
HOLY BAPTISM, Sundays at 3.30, Wednesdays at 6.30.
CATECHISING, 1st and 3rd Sundays at 3.
MORNING PRAYER. - Sundays at 11, weekdays at 7.40.
EVENING PRAYER.- Daily at 6.30
COMMUNICANTS' SERVICE - Saturday, Dec 4th at 6.45.

MOTHERS' MEETING at Furnace Room, by Mrs Willesford, Dec 13th (next Meeting by notice).
YOUNG MEN'S BIBLE CLASS at Vicarage, Sundays at 2.30.
YOUNG MEN'S BIBLE CLASS, at Highfield, Sundays at 3.
YOUNG WOMEN'S BIBLE CLASS at Vicarage Sundays at 3.30.
G.F.S. at Vicarage, 3rd Wednesday in month at 7.
WORKING PARTY at Vicarage, Friday Dec 10th.
WORKING PARTY (No 3) Friday Dec. 17th.
BAND OF HOPE Fridays at 6.15.
YOUNG MEN'S COMMUNICANTS' CLASS, at Vicarage, Friday, by notice.
PUPIL TEACHERS at Vicarage, Mondays at 5.30.

J.C.E. BESANT, M.A., Vicar
A.J. LUMBERT, Missioner.

(Upon the first day of the week let everyone of you lay by him in store, as God hath prospered him.)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. £. s. d.
Oct. 31 -- Sick and Needy. . . . . . . . 1. 8. 7
Nov. 7 -- Sunday School . . . . . . .. . 4.16. 4
Nov. 14 -- Church Expenses . . . . . . . 1. 5. 8
Nov. 21 -- Church Expenses . . . . . . . 1. 4. 9
Nov. 21 -- Sick and Needy. . . . . . . . 0.17. 9


(My baptism, wherein I was made a member of Christ, the child of God, and an inheritor of the kingdom of Heaven.)

Oct. 28 -- Eva Mary, daughter of J. and E. Thurston, Lydney
Oct. 29 -- Gertrude May, daughter of J.J. and L.Kelsey, Lydney
Oct. 31 -- Reuben Leslie, son of J.F.A. and L. Kelsey, Lydney
Nov. 03 -- Alfred Oliver, son of W.H. and M.A. Critchley, Lydney
Nov. 04 -- Evelyn Ivy, daughter of H.and C.A. Sterry, Lydney
Nov. 08 -- Albert Henry, son of H. and H. Hellier, Lydney
Nov. 14 -- Edith Gladys, daughter of W.T.H. and J.H. Gardiner, Lydney
Nov. 14 -- Albert Henry James, son of J. and K. Prideaux, Lydney
Nov. 14 -- Millicent Ruby, daughter of A. and E. Merrett, Lydney
Nov. 17 -- Winifred Matilda, daughter of D. and C. Jewisson, Lydney
Nov. 21 -- Thomas Albert, son of T.A.P. and E.M. Gwilliam.
Nov. 24 -- Elizabeth Esther, daughter of T.J. and E. Parker

(Christ loved His Spouse The Church)

Nov. 01 -- David Jones, S. Saviours, Woolcott Park, Bristol, and Helena Gertrude Wintour, Lydney

Nov. 08 -- rnest Walter Willetts and Elizabeth Charles, both of Aylburton.

(Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.)

Oct. 27 -- William Bevan, aged 32 years
Nov. 02 -- Elizabeth Davis, aged 70 years
Nov. 09 -- Charlotte Ellen Sandford, aged 2 years
Nov. 13 -- Frederick Blackwell, aged 25 years.

(Is any sick among you? Let him call for the elders of the Church.)

In cases of illness it is the Christian duty of friends or neighbours to send word to the Clergy, as the practice was
in the early Church, as stated above.


For Mercy, Lord, we ask
At this our Advent Time:
We see the world, as ever, filled
With cruelty and crime

Famine we've had and pestilence
And ward that never cease,
Grant that Thy Kingdom may arise
And give nations Peace.

Peace with our foes abroad,
Peace with out friends at home,
Peace among brethren that leave
And brethren that are at home.

Peace at this Christmas-tide,
And innocence and love,
Like Him who came, a little Child,
To save us from above.

But more than all we ask
Grace for the coming year,
That we may walk in faith and hope
And steadfastness and fear.

How sad the retrospect
Of this last year must be:
We bring our empty vessels, Lord,
To be refilled by Thee
. . . . . . . . . . . . .SENEX.



. .Eucharist at 8 and 11.
. .Morning Prayer at 10.30
Evening Prayer at 6.30
NOTE.- For the future, on the Great Festivals of the year - Christmas Day, Easter Day, and Whitson Day- Morning Prayer will be said at 10.30 instead of at 11. This slight alteration in the time of the Services is necessitated by the large number of our congregation who are present at the mid-day Eucharist on such days.


On each Friday in Advent, Evensong will be said at 7.30, with a sermon.
We would remind our readers that with Advent the Christian year begins with its round of Festivals and Fasts. We wish we could see a greater improvement in the observance of the Seasons and Days of the Christian year. These holy Seasons and Days, you will notice break in upon our work. It is well they should do so. Our Lord, when He comes, will put a sudden end to our work. Death does so, we see on all sides. We see then the vanity and want of real worth to us of much about which we trouble and interest ourselves a great deal. The best thing we can do towards living a really religious life is to conform ourselves to those rules which the Church, guided by the Holy Spirit, makes for us. We often make resolutions: what better one than that we will not for the future ignore these plain rules so reasonable and so helpful. It is well to ask ourselves the questions- What right have I to be careless about a rule the Church lays down? What authority have I for doing so except my own will, or my own wishes and inclination, or my own carelessness; or perhaps the carelessness of those about me.

Many of our readers are aware that a fragment of our ancient papyrus has been discovered in Egypt. It contains what are presumed to be sayings of our Lord. Some are like those recorded in the Holy Gospels; one or two are not to be traced to any similar sayings in them. On Friday evenings in Advent the Vicar will (D.V.) preach on three of these sayings.

The third of our efforts towards paying off the debt on the Spire and renovation of the interior of the Church is fixed for Thursday, Dec 9th. A Bazaar will be held in the Town Hall, commencing at 3. We would point out how needful it is that everyone should help out in this matter. If we raise a good sum, an appeal can be made to the Warneford Trustees, who will supplement what we subscribe with a grant of money. Nearly everyone can help. Some can make things for sale; not necessarily needlework. Mrs. Besant would be glad to receive single articles or otherwise. We hope there will be plenty of buyers. And everyone should buy with a recollection of the purpose to which any money spent is devoted, viz., for the purpose of making their Parish Church more like what it should be. And we would point out that if people would come to buy Christmas presents they would be helping the fund and saving their own time as well.

We would remind those of us who are Communicants of the Special Preparation Service once a month, on Saturday evenings - Dec. 4th, at 6.45, will be the next service. It is chiefly intended for those who have just begun their Christian life after Confirmation, or those who have no opportunities for preparation for Communion from want of leisure or place, and for those who desire to make fresh efforts to be restored to Communion once more with Almighty God.

We often hear how much the room at the Lock is appreciated by the seamen, and we could illustrate this if we had time and space. It is a good work and one which naturally appeals to us, that men who have so few comforts in life should find some attempt made to welcome them when they come to this parish. Miss Hathaway intends (D.V.) devoting the proceeds of her Concert on Dec. 16th to the Fund. We are a good deal behindhand, what with rent and maintenance of the room. We are sure she will be supported in her kind and charitable effort. No doubt those who cannot attend the Concert will take tickets to give perhaps to those who can come. A Statement of accounts will appear next month.

The Jumble Sale for the Church Restoration Fund realized £17.6s.4d. The clock was won by Mrs Allsop, who was the hundredth person to enter. As these sales are a benefit to all concerned, we would recommend our friends to put by a box or room for a jumble sale next year, and ask their friends to do the same.

The Harvest Home was very will attended by our younger friends. We missed, however, many well known faces. It is often alleged as a reason why a friend is not there: "I do not dance," We wish to point out that the Harvest Home is not primarily for the purpose of a dance. It is as every Harvest Home has ever been, a social and friendly meeting of the parish. This is what all could join in and leave the dancing to those who like it. The account is thus:-

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £. s. d.
Receipts. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6.10. 0
Expenses. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4.16. 3
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . _______
. . .Paid in Bank, Nov. 26th. . . . . .£1.13. 9
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . _______


The Misses Deudney intend (D.V.) giving a series of Tableaux Vivants, in the Town Hall, on Dec. 23rd. The proceeds they have kindly offered for the Bell Fund. We hope they will be well supported. The excellence of the Entertainment is warranted by our experience of previous years.

The following kind subscriptions have been received:-

(1) For the Church Restoration Fund:
A friend ( by Miss Ridler). . . . . . . £2. 2s

(2) For the Bell Fund:
Miss Ridler . . . . . . . . . . . . . . £1. 1s

We acknowledge with thanks: 2/- from Mr. G. Wooles, for the Chuchyard Fund.
We earnestly hope the subscriptions will be paid for this fund before the year is out.

There were two or three errata in our Latin couplet last month. We append a correct copy, with translation by a well-known contributor:-

Non parem Pauli gratiam requiro
Veniam Petri neque posco, sed quam
In crucis ligno dederas latrone
Sedulus oro.

I do not ask from grace like that of Paul,
Nor seek I Peter's pardon; but for all
Thou gav'st to the Thief who on Thy Name did call
Most earnestly I crave.

It is earnestly hoped that all who take in the Parish Magazine next year will kindly give the 1/- at once, in January, instead of the 1d. each month, in order to prevent inconveniences and loss on those who distribute the magazines, and saving of trouble to those who receive them. And if all who give over the 1/- would kindly be ready with their subscriptions in January, the Secretary would be glad to receive them, and all the names could then appear together in the February Magazine.



Holy Communion
1st Sunday in month (semi-choral) at .9.30
2nd Sunday in month (full Choral . . .2.00
3rd Sunday in month (plain). . . . . .9.30
4th Sunday in month (semi-choral) at 12.00
Morning Prayer at 11.
Evening Prayer at 6.30
Holy Baptism, Fridays, at 6.30
Evensong, Fridays at 6.30
Preparation Service for Holy Communion, Saturday, Dec 11th, at 6.30

Nov. 1 -- William Proctor Handcock, aged 85 years
Nov. 9 -- Samuel Mountford, aged 49 years
Nov 13 -- Thomas William Colwell, aged 6 years
Nov 26 -- William Henry Garland, aged 38 years.


The Harvest Home in the Schools, Nov. 11th was fairly attended. We would repeat that these meetings and others or similar nature are not for those who dance only. They are intended as opportunities for the parish to meet together in a friendly manner, and people should do their best to attend on such occasions at a little self-sacrifice, if need be, of their own wishes and ease. We wish to thank those who did their best and made it a pleasant evening. The amount realized was £3.1s.10d. Expenses, 14/5. Handed to Organist's fund, £1.10s.; towards Bibles and Prayer Books for Choir, 17/5.

Miss Pughsley had a Benefit Concert on Thursday, Nov. 25th. Some really good music was heard, vocal and instrumental. She desires to thank those friends who, by their presence and kind offices, made the Concert what it was. We also wish to add that so faithful a Churchworker as Miss Pughsley has been in Aylburton for many years deserves out cordial support.

Eucharist at 8.
Morning Prayer at 10.30
Eucharist at 11.



Sundays . Morning Prayers at 11.
. . . . . Catechizing at 3.
. . . . . Mission Service at 6.30.
. . . . . . . . . .ARTHUR J. LUMBERT, Missioner

The Holy Communion will be celebrated at the Mission Room on Sunday Dec. 26th, at 8.30 o'clock.

The Children in the Schools intend giving an Entertainment. Parents will receive notice of it in due time.


Christmas Eve:
. . . Evensong, 8.0.

Christmas Day:
. . . Matins, 11.0.
. . . Carol Service, 3.30.
. . . Evensong and Carols, 6.30.

Sunday after Christmas (S. Stephen, Dec 26th):
. . .HOLY EUCHARIST, 8.30.
. . . Matins, 11.0.
. . . Children's Carol Service, 3.0.
. . .Evensong, 6.30.

S. John the Evangelist (Dec. 27th):
. . . Matins, 9.0.
. . . Evensong, 6.30.

Holy Innocents (Dec. 28th):
. . . Matins, 9.0.
. . . Evensong, 6.30.

Evergreens, &c., for Christmas decorations, will be gladly received as early as possible on Friday, Dec. 24th.


Transcribed by: May Brace

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