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Issue Number: 65    May    1897
Lydney and Aylburton Parish Magazine
Price ONE PENNY Free by post for 1/6 per annum


Parish Magazine

No.65, New Series May, 1897.

Published on or near the First Day of every Month,

H. Osborne, Printer, St. Mary's Square, Gloucester.


(Upon the first day of the week let everyone of you lay by him in store, as God has prospered him.)

..................................£. s. d.
March 28 -- Church Expenses ..... 0.17. 7
April 04 -- Diocesan Mission..... 1. 1. 0
April 04 -- Church Expenses...... 1. 1. 0
April 11 -- Church Expenses...... 1. 7. 2
April 18 -- Easter Offering......17.18. 1
April 25 -- ..................... 1. 7. 1



(My baptism, wherein I was made a member of Christ, the child of God, and an inheritor of the kingdom of Heaven.)
March 25 -- Norah Eveline,daughter of G.L.and C.B.Wooles
April 01 -- Edwin Arthur Price Box,son of A.G. and S.J.Box
April 14 -- Eveline Susannah,daughter of D.and S.Goode
April 14 -- George,son of G.and H.Hooper
April 14 -- Albert Edgar,son of R.and P.TUDOR
APRIL 25 -- Hilda Franklin Mary,daughter of H and A.L.Lewis


(Christ loved his Spouse the Church.)
April 20 -- Lewis Arthur Jones and Alice Eliza Smart

(Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.)
March 24 -- William Daw, aged 30 years
March 27 -- Cardinal Parry, aged 11 months
April 06 -- George Charles Dowle, aged 4 years


The vicar wishes to thank those parishioners in Lydney and Aylburton who by their offerings at the Easter Eucharist responded to his appeal for help towards the maintenance of the work of the Church in the parish, and to express his appreciation of their sympathy.

For the future there will be two Celebrations of the Holy Communion on the first Sunday of the month, viz., at 8.30 and at 12.

We wish to make a series of remarks on the subject of the Holy Communion Service AS A SERVICE OF WORSHIP, or rather as THE Service of Worship; for just as the Lord's Prayer is the chief PRAYER, and so takes precedence as such of all other Collects and Prayers whatsoever, so the Communion takes precedence as an Act of Worship of all other Services, such as Morning and Evening Prayer, simply because it is the Lord's Service.

We come to the Lord's Service, then, not only to receive what God gives us, but also to give Him something, viz., our sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving - our worship.

It is for this reason, viz., that the Lord's Service is a Service of Worship, that we have endeavoured to express this by the introduction of music in that Service. It is perfectly unreasonable to have music in the Morning Prayer and not in the Communion Service.

If we have music in Morning Prayer to express our Worship, why shouldn't we have it in the Communion Service, which is the chief Service of Worship? To be logical, if we have music in the Morning Prayer we certainly should at the Eucharist. If we exclude music from the Eucharist we should exclude it from Morning and Evening Prayer. There is no logical alternative.

When once the truth is apprehended by anyone a
that the Communion is a Service in which WE GIVE GOD OUR WORSHIP, as well as one in which we receive God's gift of grace, it will be seen that if music is the natural way in which we express our worship in other Services, such as the Daily Offices of Morning and Evening Prayer, then music must find a place in that Service which is the Christian's sacrifice of praise and thanksgiving more than any other Service that can be named, because it is THE LORD'S SERVICE.

We append a list of parents who have already subscribed to the Schools this year. We should like to see all parents who have children at the Schools subscribe; it is a way of expressing their appreciation of the efforts made by the managers and teachers to make the children as happy as they are at School, and that the School should be as efficient and as comfortable as possible. When a person subscribes he also shews he does not wish others to educate his children, but that he wishes to do his own duty in a matter so important.

More subscriptions are promised, and Mr. Wild will receive any with pleasure. In a place like this, where most of the parents are earning good wages we should see a very large list each year of parents as subscribers.

Mrs Blake 2s, Mrs Davis 2s. 6d., Mr Paul 2s 6d., Mrs Nelmes 4s., Mrs Davis 2s 6d., Mr J.Collins 5s., Mrs Lewis 5s., Mr Burgham 2s. 6d., Mr T. Collins 2s. 6d., Mrs Gardiner 3s., Mr S.H. Lewis 10s., Mr J.Camm 3s., Mrs Williams 2s. 6d., Mr English 2s. 6d., Mr Clarke 5s., Mrs Bevan 5s.

The Band of Hope will give an Entertainment on Thursday, May 6th, in the Vicarage Classroom, at 7.30; entrance 3d. The Meetings will afterwards be discontinued for the summer months.

The following subscriptions have been received for the Churchyard, and are acknowledged with best thanks:- Mrs Bevan 2/6, Mrs Butt 1/6, Mrs Pringle 5/-, Miss Emily PHilpit 10/-.

Some of the walks of the Churchyard have been repaired with red ashes, and we intend completing them all in this way. Grass seed has been sown in those parts where the work of the repairs to the spire had worn away the turf, so that soon all vestige of the disaster will have disappeared.

We were glad to see the improvements this year in the case of the Palm Sunday decorations. In the first place, the plan of opening the graves was less practiced, with the consequence that the Churchyard looks all the better. The open and black graves entirely spoil the general appearance of the Churchyard unless, as we said, they are taken care of all the year round. Nothing looks better that the green turf as a rule. In the second place, we noticed that less money had been spent on the flowers. This is a very great improvement, as there is always a tendency in such cases to try and out-do one another. The simpler the flowers, we think, the better, as a rule.

The Annual Meeting of the Bible Society was held in the Town Hall on March 25th, and there was a good attendance. The cause of the Society was well advocated by the Rev. H.A. Crabbe. The canvas pictures shewn and explained added much to the interest of the Meeting.

The three oldest Bibles now in existence are respectively in the British Museum, the Vatican Library, and the S. Petersburg Library.

Charles Bathurst, Esq £5, Mrs Willesford £1 1s., Mr F.S. Hockaday £1 1s., Mr R Beaumont Thomas £1 1s., Mr E. Lones 10s 6d., The Misses Keeling 8s., Mr J.J. Petrie 5s., Mr W. Jones 5s., Mr J.S. Watts 5s., Mr R.J. Smale 4s., Mr H.P.Turner 3s. 6d., Mr W.J. Evans 3s., Rev J.C.E. Besant 2s. 6d., Mrs A.W. Harrison 2s. 6d., Miss Ridler 2s. 6d., Mr R. Cotton 2s. 6d., Rev. E. Davis 2s. 6d., Rev. J. Hannah 2s. 6d., Mrs John Davies 2s. 6d., Mrs J. Wild 2s. 6d., Mr W.S. Watts 2s. 6d., Mr J.R. Davies 2s. 6d., Mr T. Bowen 2s. 6d., Mrs Battey 2s. 6d., Rev. J.Knipe 2s. 6d., Mrs John Thomas 2s., Mr A. Thomas 2s., Mrs Sheppard 2s., Mr B Ensor 2s., Miss Fream 1s. 6d., Mr F.Finch 1s.6d., Mr R. Hughes 1s. 6d., Mrs F. Barnard 1s., Mrs R. James 1s., Mrs R. Saunders 1s., Mrs C. Powell 1s., Mr T.C. Gwilliam 1s., Mrs Rees 1s., Miss Rugman 1s., Miss Childs 1s., Mr E.A. Clarke 1s., Mr Geo Harris 1s., A Friend 1s., Mr C Pritchard 1s., Mrs T. Collins 8d., Mrs Burgham 6d., Mrs Goulding 6d., Mr C.T. Veale 6d., Mrs J. Powell 6d., Mrs T. Nelmes 6d., Mrs G. Walker 6d., Mrs Johnson 6d., Mrs Cox 6d., Hannah Hones 6d., Mrs Gardiner 6d., Mrs H Howells 6d., Miss Freeman 6d., Miss N. Imm 6d., Mrs Jordan 6d., Mrs W. Fisher 6d., Mrs J. Harrison 6d., Mrs Bartlett 6d., Mrs W. Smith 6d., Mrs Geo Williams 6d., Mrs T. Davies 6d., Mrs J. Collins 6d., Mrs Jones 6d., Mrs J. Thomas 6d., Mr Holder 6d., Mrs Cooper 6d., Mrs Higgins 6d., Mrs Munday 6d., Mrs Bos 6d. BOXES: Miss Elizabeth Ware 7s., Mrs J. Harrison 2s. 6d., Miss Dewdney 1s 11 3/4d., Miss Ida Turner 1s. 11d.; ODD SUMS 11s. 3 3/4d.; Collection at Meeting, March 25th, £2.14s. 1 1/4d. Total receopts £17. 17s 6d. Deduct for Monthly Reports and carriage, Sheet Almanacks, Handbills, postage, hire of Town Hall, £4. 9s. Balance, being the net amount of receipts, £13. 8s. 6d., to the credit of the Society, which has been forwarded to the Bible House, London.
...............ANN E KEELING
......................Hon. Sec. and Treas.

A bound copy of the "Gleanings" has been given by the Bible Society to Elizabeth Ware for collecting 7s. in her box. A.E.K.

Rev J.C.E.Besant, Charles Bathurst, Esq.,Junr., A.W. Harrison, Esq., Mrs Hockaday, Miss Keeling, Miss M Keeling, Rev. E. Davis, Mr J.J. Petrie, Mr J.R. Smale, Mr Lones, Mr W. Jones, Mr T. Bowen.

We have received, as follows offerings for the Church Restoration, which may Almighty God accept:- Miss White 3s. 6d., Miss Hinton 1s., Rev. P Rutter 5s., Miss Millar 2s., Miss Stubley 1s., Miss Stoakes 1s., (by Miss Hall); Sale of Photographs (Mr Harris) 6s.

More subscriptions received for the Parish Magazine and acknowledged with thanks;- Mrs Alsopp (New Mills) 1s., Mrs G Blunt 1s., Mrs Cook (High Street) 1s., Mrs M Davies (Newerne) 1s., Mrs Fear 1s., Mrs Miles (Tutnalls) 6d., Mrs Smith (Glos Road) 1s.
......................M. C. KEELING.
__________ __________ __________


The following additional subscriptions towards the Sanctuary hangings, &c., are thankfully acknowledged:- Mrs Willesford 7s. 6d., Mr C. Prosser 1s.6d., Mr P Clark 1s., Miss Evelyn Davis 5s., A Friend 4s, L.E.D. 5S.

An excellent photograph of the Easter decorations has been taken by the Missioner. Copies may be had from him at 1s. each; the proceeds of the sale will be devoted to providing new Hymn Books for the choir, or any further improvements which may be

...............................s. d.
Mrs. W. C. Williams...........10. 0
Mr. Baxter (New Mills)........ 5. 0
Mr. David Camm................ 5. 0
Mr. King...................... 5. 0
Mr. Pinegar................... 2. 0
Mr. Bourne.................... 2. 0
Mr. T. Prosser................ 2. 0
Mr. J. King................... 1. 0

Subscriptions to Schools from parents on Primrose Hill will be received by Miss Childs.
__________ __________ __________


The Church was well attended at most of the Services on Easter Day, though we wish we could have seen more at the Lord's Service.

The offerings throughout the day were on behalf of the Curate's Fund, and amounted to £3 7s. 6 1/2d.

The Church was tastefully decorated by Mrs. Daniels, Miss Pughsley, and Nurse King; but why so few at such a good work?

Mr Bathurst and Dr Cook sent some beautiful flowers.

The Choir kneelers have been re-covered, and new Hymn Books provided for the boys.
__________ __________ __________

Transcribed by: May Brace

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