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Issue Number:    June    1936
Lydney and Aylburton Parish Magazine

THE LYDNEY & AYLBURTON Parish Magazine JUNE, 1936.

Churchwardens Dr. C. O. Carson & Mr. A. H. Raynes.
Organist and Choir Master Mr. J. Baxter, 17, Church Road.
Hon. Sec. P.C.C. Mr. S. T. Rudge, 3, Forest Road.
Hon. Treas. F.C.C Mr. A. H. Raynes, The Gables.
Verger Mr. W. Martin.
Sacristan and Sexton Mr D. J. Gerrish.

Holy Communion Every Sunday, 8 a.m.
Holy Days, 8 am.
Great Festivals, 7, 8, and 11 am.
1st Sunday after Matins.
3rd Sunday Choral Eucharist, 11 a.m. Matins Sundays, 11 am. Daily, 8 am.
Evensong Sundays, 6.30 p.m. Daily, 6 p.m.
Baptisms, Churchings, Weddings by arrangement.
Funerals by arrangement.

(My Baptism, wherein I was made a member of Christ, the child of God, and an inheritor of the kingdom of Heaven.)
25 Graham Keith James, 3, Lydfield Road.
26 Enid Grail, Oakdean, Aylburton.
30 Jean Pamela Tucker, 89, Tutnalls Street.
3 Richard Malcolm Russell Jordan, 5 Allaston Mesne.
10 William James Dowle , New Mills
13 Royston Glen Jones, Albert Street
16 Keith Vivian Butcher, Queen Street.

(Christ also loved the Church and gave Himself for it.)
25 Frederick John Morgan, 'Glenroy', James Row, Kidderminster, to Olive Nell Cowles, 27, Mount Pleasant.
28 Nathaniel Stephen Jenner, Quarry Farm, Dursley, to Iris Zena Mary Liddington, Plummers Farm.

(Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord.)
20 Thomas Garland, Park Farm, aged 4 years.
21 Muriel Brown, Yorkley, aged 27 years.
23 Henry Charles Jones, Tuthill, aged 63 years.
28 Clemancy Annie Hussey, Alvington, aged 37 years.
29 Thomas Hodges, New Mills, aged 71 years.
6 Gilbert Allen Arthur Sysum, 37, Spring Meadow, aged 21 years.
8 Kate Rosalind Hayden, Tutnalls Street, aged 14 years.

Whitsuntide has something very definite to say to us. To a great many people it means nothing but a holiday. But for the Christian it means that Wordsworth was not wrong when he spoke of
'The Being that is in the clouds and air',
'That is in the green leaves among the groves'.
Whitsuntide gives us even something more definite than this. It takes us to a particular place, it names a definite time, and there, not there alone, but there especially we see the Holy Spirit’s activity. We see a company of men distressed, because their Master had been crucified, though in the body He had died, in the spirit they had seen Him alive; themselves afraid lest persecuting hands should be laid on them, yet feeling on the verge of mightier things. And as they were all with one accord in one place they were all filled with the Holy Ghost. We believe that the unmistakable power that came upon that assembly was not just an unusual exhibition of latent possibilities of human nature but an outpouring of the Holy Spirit of God. That same Spirit is active in the world to-day. The question is freely asked Are human resources all we have to trust in and look to is there a Power beyond to whom we may turn and through Whom we may expect the help to victory. Whitsun gives us the answer.

The King George V. Memorial.
The Committee appointed to decide upon the National Memorial to King George V. had no easy task placed upon it. The decision is that a Monument be erected on the Abingdon Street site to testify to the world and future ages our pride in our late beloved Sovereign; and Playing Fields which are to be known as King George’s Playing Fields. These should be the means of making the spirit of a great lover of his people live on and do the sort of service that he enjoyed during his lifetime. All over the country there will be these playing fields, each and all of them a part of the great and National Memorial.
We shall now look forward to the time when more particular details will be given, and there is very little, if any, doubt that the response to the appeal will be nationally whole-hearted and generous.

Aylburton Church
Licensed for Marriages.Our Aylburton Parishioners have for a very long time felt grieved that Marriages could not be solemnized at Aylburton Church. The matter has been talked about and shelved from time to time. As far back as February 6th, 1755, an entry appears in the Parish Registers as follows : The Hon. Thomas Charles Tracy of Newerne, Lydney, and Henrietta Bathurst of Lydney, married in the Chapel of Aylburton, in the Parish of Lydney, by Licence.Also on July 10th, 1769, Joseph Huntley and Ann Thomas were married by Banns in Aylburton Chapel
With this evidence that Marriages had been solemnized in the past, there was every hope that Aylburton Church might be licensed for Marriages in future. And so the necessary procedure was undertaken and in due course successfully. The Legal Document was signed and sealed on 25th April, 1936. Thus the disability has been removed and the wishes of Aylburton are satisfied.
Residential qualification within the Tything of Aylburton on the part of one of the contracting parties will be essential. It may be well to add a. note at the outset to prospective parties to avoid any disappointments. Before setting the final arrangements to as to date and time and the issuing of invitations for the wedding, will you please remember that it is proper to take the clergy into your consideration first.
And now there is a good deal of speculation to who the first contracting party will be!

Garden Fete.
will be held in
to be opened at 3.30 p.m.
We want this to be a big success. Please keep this afternoon free and bring your friends with you to spend a happy time, and to finish up with a lighter heart and pocket. The proceeds will be

The Archdeacon’s Visitation.
The Ven. The Archdeacon of Gloucester held his Visitation in the Parish Church on Thursday, May 7th, when the newly-appointed Churchwardens for the South Forest Deanery were sworn in to office. The Archdeacon entertained the company to Tea at the Church Room at the close of the proceedings.

Mothers’ Union.
At the monthly meeting on Thursday, May 14th, the Rev. F. W. PottoHicks, Vicar of St. Stephen’s, Cinderford, gave a most pleasing address, taking Mother Church as the basis of his thoughts, with which all were delighted.

The South Forest Deanery Festival will be held at Bream on June 4th. Members are already notified of arrangements.
The June monthly meeting will be held in the Church Room on Thursday, 11th, at 3 p.m.

Jumble Sale.
The Jumble Sale in aid of the Church Schools and Church Room Funds held on May 9th was very successful.
The sum of £7 1s. 3d. was credited to the Church Schools and £7 to the Church Room, making the total £14 1s. 3d. We are sincerely grateful to all who supplied us with such food saleable articles and to the helpers who were such excellent saleswomen.

Churchyard Fund.
We gratefully acknowledge the following subscription, Mr. J. .R. Smallwood, 5/-; and for Trees. Mr. Bert Tucker 1/-, Miss Jean Pamela Tucker 1/-, Mr. and Mrs. Hill 2/-.

The Assistant Clergy are sincerely and appreciatively grateful for the kind and generous Whitsuntide Offerings.

Holy Communion is Sunday after Mattins at 11 am. 2nd and 4th Sundays, 8 am.
Sundays Mattins. 11 am. Evensong, 6.30 p.m. Aylburton Common Evensong, 3.30 p.m.

Re-decoration of Church.
Although for some weeks we have been obliged to dispense with a surpliced choir, the inconvenience which we all feared was not nearly as great as most of us had expected. Our discomfort was greatly lessened by the conscientious way in which the Church was cleared up for the week-ends. We are all most grateful to the Contractor and his workmen for the way in which this was done.

On Sunday, April 26th, we were glad to welcome to our pulpit the Rev. Father Sedding, of the Cowley Brotherhood at Oxford. He was on a short visit to Aylburton.

It was with universal regret and sorrow that we learnt of the death of Mrs. Brown better known to us as Muriel Davies. We feel very deeply for Mr. and Mrs. Davies and Mr. Brown in the great loss that they have suffered. We also extend sympathy to our other bereaved families.

Monthly Tea.
A general regret was felt at the suspension of what we came to know as the Bazaar Teas, and it is good to know that we have not seen the last of them. We hope to hold a regular monthly tea in future, but with a new object. We have already been enabled to purchase a cupboard, and we hope in full time to fill it with China. This cupboard and its contents should prove a most useful acquisition.

Holy Communion 1st and 3rd Sundays, 9.15 a.m.
Sundays Choral Eucharist, 11 a.m.
Sunday School, 2.15 p.m.
Evensong, 6.30 p.m.

Patronal Festival (Trinity Sunday) Holy Communion, 9.15.
Choral Eucharist, 11.
Evensong, 6.30.

The Organ has been, re-built on a platform and is quite satisfactory. A list of subscribers towards this heavy expense will be published in next month’s Parish Magazine.

We deeply regret to record the death by drowning of our Choirman and friend Gilbert Allen Arthur Sysum. The crowds who attended the funeral and who came to Church on the following Sunday were a tribute of more than popularity affection. To all who mourn his going, from us we offer our heartfelt sympathy. R.I.P.

Primrose Hill Schools.
In the near future the expense of providing proper sanitation will have to be met. The position was explained to a Meeting of parents and others interested on May 18th. at the Schools. It was decided to adopt for the present a scheme involving 1d. per week voluntary contribution towards the necessary amount required and parents and others will be invited to join in the scheme. The scheme will be put into operation at the earliest possible moment and we hope for a ready response. Miss Cole will be the acting Hon. Secretary and contributions may be sent to her at the Schools.

This photo was not in the magazine:
Olive and fred Morgan
Olive Cowles and Fred Morgan married at St Mary's on 25 April 1936

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