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31 Tutnalls Street, Lydney, Gloucestershire.

31 Tutnalls Street, Lydney

31 Tutnalls Street, Lydney. This house was owned by the Sterry family for 2 generations. Richard Sterry (1879-1952) is pictured outside the house in the right-hand photo. Note the "tin" (galvanised iron) bath to his right.

Thanks to Peter Essex who added (March 2007:) "My grandfather William Frank Essex and his wife Frances lived at 42 Forest Road Lydney between the late 1940s and their deaths around the late fifties/early sixties. I used to stay with them as a child in my Easter holidays. My grandmother's maiden name was Sterry and she had numerous local relatives including some who lived at Tutnalls. She had relatives at:
23 Forest Road (Frank who was a foreman at Lydney train depot and Lil who was a nurse at Lydney hospital),
Albert Street (named Ivy, and other Sterry family members called Flo, Harold, and their son called Peter Beard)
and at Tutnalls (a man I think also called Bert who worked at Lydney Docks and they had a son named Gregory).
There were also relatives in Fairfield Road called Hilda and George, and a woman called Zeana and her son whose name was Brian Clutterbuck.
My grandfather William Frank Essex, who grew up in Cheltenham and then worked for the Great Western Railway at Bullo Pill before coming to London and becoming a senior police officer, was a leading light in the Methodist Church at Springfield, Lydney in the days of the Revd Albert Simpkins and an organist whose name was Russell who worked in the local butcher's. My grandfather was also a member of the old Lydney Rural District Council. I believe he was also a senior freemason. He was also responsible (possibly after his death!) for a wicket gate at the level crossing in Hill Street which I believe carried a plaque saying "The Essex Gates" although I once visited Norchard but nobody there at the time knew anything of this. There may still be some with people the Sterry surname in or around Lydney and I would be fascinated to renew contact with them or any other relatives still living locally. I think at around the time of his death my grandfather lived at 16 Bathurst Park, Lydney"

John Bunker added (Nov 2008): " ... Remember the Sterry's - we lived at 13 Regent St looking straight up Fairfield Road. The Sterry's were the last house on the right - which would probably be three houses up from Mrs Dyal. The name Brian Clutterbuck rings so many bells and for the life of me I can't think why. Reverend Simpkin lived in Forest Road on the right - had a Vauxhall Wyvern car. His wife shocked the town as the first person to have a Triumph Herald - quite revolutionary, Their son was called Russell. The Simpkin's took us away for the day - during the funeral of my Father David in June 1960".

Frances Walker added (July 2009): "... My Dad, Wilfred Turner worked on Lydney docks with Bert Sterry from 1963 til 1980 when he was made redundant, due to the closure of the docks. Bert was already working on the docks when my dad started. Bert lived on Harrison Way Lydney".

Peter Essex added (July 2009): "... Recent posts here have brought back my recollection that the Methodist manse was indeed in Forest Road, on the right as you leave the town.
Something tells me it was number 11.   Part of my grandfather's routine as choirmaster was to take me along from number 42 as we collected the following Sunday's hymns from the manse and proceeded to interrupt meat sales at the butcher's while he discussed the choice of tunes with Russell who worked there (Russell Jordan, as my cousin David now recalls the surname, and not therefore Russell Simpkin)".
"Harrison Way on Tutnalls is right for where Bert Sterrey lived, as having looked on streetmap I can now remember that the road curved round. I can picture houses with clapperboarding.   Bert's wife was Kitty, nee Baxter. His father Arthur (commonly "Art") preceded him at the docks.   Art's wife was Rose, nee Houlday".
"I confess that, as a pampered Londoner, my clearest recollection of their house at the docks is that it had an outside Elsan toilet with an abidingly memorable aroma".
"I confirmed that the spelling of our family branch became "Sterrey" by finding Arthur's grave in St Mary's churchyard in June 2007, when I also went to the docks and found that the present lock-keeper remembered the Sterreys".
"Alan Sterrey, son of Frank and Lil, was in his late eighties and still living in Lydney when I spoke to him last year".
"If Brian Clutterbuck is ringing bells, he was also still around in Lydney last year and in his youth played for a local football team - there's a picture of him in that team elsewhere on sungreen".
"I was interested to see that there were Sterrys in Fairfield Road.   I can't think who they were, but at number 3 there were George and Hilda Virgo (Hilda nee Sterrey, yet another of my grandmother's siblings like Frank, Arthur and Ivy).   There was a younger generation of I think Ron, Jane and Margaret and I gathered from Brian that Margaret, at least, is
still in Lydney".

"..and I never did find those gates!" .

Alison Badger added (August 2010): "... Bert Sterry lived at 14 Ridler Road which was opposite the entrance to Harrison Way. My uncle Vernon Vine lived next door at 16 with his wife Phyllis and my cousins Brian David and Roger Vine. My father Bob Vine worked with Mr Sterry at the docks before going to J Allen Rubber when the docks closed".

Russell Simpkins added (April 2013): "... Peter Essex is correct the Manse was No.11 Forest Rd. My Father was the Rev. Albert Simpkins and my Mother Molly did have a Triumph Herald both my parents have sadly passed away. I remember John Bunker as we were friends at the time of us living there 1955 to 1961 I thinkand his younger brother. I also remember the Matthews family who lived at the start of Forest Road I was friends with the son Ian and also Clifford Green who lived opposite them. I have other memories of living in Lydney and would be happy to share them".

Peter Essex added (May 2013): "... Great to see this post from Russell Simpkins. His father conducted my Grampy's funeral in February 1961 when his mother was also present representing the Sisterhood. Rev Albert Simpkins also dedicated a pulpit bible exactly a year later which is inscribed in Grampy's memory.
I also remember Mr Simpkins for sharing a human and touching observation with my father on my Grampy's death. He said I'm not supposed to say this sort of thing but I've lost my right hand man. 52 years later I can still say with certainty that knowing of this comment from a Superintendent Minister helped me not just to appreciate my heritage but also to shape my life".

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