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Lydney Grammar School, Form 1G enrolment in 1961/62

A first form in 1961

A First Form in 1961/62

Row 4 (Back Row), 1: John Stump, 2. Stephen Riach, 3 Paul Howells, 4 Kim Chappel, 5.Terry Hughes, 6 David Phillips, 7 Nick Cotton.
Row 3: 1 ?, 2 Brian Lewis, 3 Garry Wildin, 4 Maurice Baker, 5 Derek Beard, 6 Peter Selby, 7 Colin Grindle.
Row 2 Glynis Bailey, Liz Watson, Janet Davies, Jean Jean Davis, Christine Tyrrell, 6 Margaret Jones, Mary Stewart, Linda Hill.
Row 1: 1 Helen Capps, 2 Sandra Ball, 3 Pat Phillips, 4 Valerie Hoare 5 Mr Lawrence, Christine Thornton, Larraine Pengilly, Marian English, Astrid Thomas.

John added: "... I see you already have a Form 1L picture for 1961/62 so I guess I must have been in 1G or 1S. I travelled to school from Berkeley via Gloucester after the collapse of the old Severn railway bridge so I was only at the school for that first year, hence the foggy memory!. Although I was only there for that one year there is always a strong feeling of belonging to the old school. Grandfather, father, uncles, cousins and brother had all gone before me and I always feel I had missed out and was robbed of my Lydney Grammar School adventure. My abiding memory was the first lesson on the first day of school with 'Dit' Thomas which I spent sitting in a wicker basket at the front of the class because of an accident of birth - I was my father's son! "

Peter Essex added: "... By extraordinary coincidence I was at Gloucestershire Archives yesterday (11/08/2010) running through the LGS governors minutes for another purpose but happened to see the report from the head Mr Beeley for the June following the bridge explosion in which he said only one pupil out of some 50 from Berkeley/Sharpness would be continuing to attend the following term. I can therefore appreciate Mr Stumps feelings".

Thanks also to Frank Osborne, Ian Thomas, Helen Brodbin and and Adrian Goss.

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