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The Lydney Fire Brigade in 1940.

Image: Lydney Fire brigade, Victoia Street, Lydney, 1940 (68k)

Lydney Fire Service early 1940.

From left to right:
Back Row: Lionel (Flash) Howell, 2.George Bowen, 3. Jack Cauldwell, 4. Fred Simms, 5 , 6 Mr W?Davis , 7 Ernie Letheren . 8 Percy Clark, 9 Ken Long. 10 Harold Cox.
Front Row: 1 Percy Lane, 2 not known, 3. Charlie Williams 4 Hubert Cox (station officer), 5 Albert Manns, ,6 , 7 Ernie Letheren (brother to Fred Letheren)
Taken outside the Fire Station in Victoria Road Lydney.

David Long added (Augist 2011): "... I had ride on the engine, on the left hand side. You sat facing out and hit your head on the ladder. My dad was going to a hay stack fire. The fire was near the Severn rail bridge and he was going to watch it did not break out again on a Sunday morning. He was Ken Long".

Ian Powell added (December 2011): "... with regards to the picture ... Ernie Letheren is sat on the far right on the front row not Fred Letheren (now corrected) I know this as Ernie was my grandfather and I have copy of this picture with some of the names on it".

Thanks also to Bill Grant and to Ken Markey for recalling " both (Letheren) brothers used to have the Letheren Coaches. They used to do the factory runs etc. Fred eventually took over the coaches from his brother Ernie".

Jon Mills added (November 2014): "... Not sure how long Hubert Cox was Station Officer. I joined in 1963 and Hubert was still Station Officer. We had a fire in a farm at AWRE in the early 1960's. The wife of the farmer brought out home cured bacon and eggs in the morning. I will always remember Ern Leathern's face, he had failed to put his teeth in when the bells went down, us youngsters did not let it go to waste".

David Essex added (May 2015): "... Mr Simms' first name was Fred. His family lived near me in Bathurst Park, and I was great friends with his sons David, Michael and Keith. I had several school trips courtesy of Fred Letheren's coaches".

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