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Lydney British Legion in Bathurst Park.

Lydney British Legion

Lydney Royal British Legion

Mayor Cliff Reeks plants a tree of remembrance in Bathurst Park.

Left to right (including those at the back): 1,2, 3 Mrs Head, 4 Melville Watts, 5 Mr Harry Head, 6 (lady behind) Mrs.J. Watts, 7 Mr.E Burr, 8 Mayor Cliff Reeks, 9 Mr.H.Willis? / Mr.William Bill Johns?, 10 Mr.S.Gresty, 11 12 (mostly hidden), 13 (man with hands clasped) Brian Probert, 14 Mrs.James, 15 Mrs.M.Norris, 16 Pat James, 17 Mrs.H.Jones, 18 Monica Croome.

Does anyone recall the year?.

Monica Croome (former Manager of Goode Court) added (March 2011): "... I'm pretty sure that the occasion was in memory of Mr.W.Johnson who had kept the Lydney Park gardens for many years. After he went to live at Goode Court he looked after the gardens there until his death when Mr.H. Willis took over. I can't remember the exact date but I think it was probably about 1985".

Thanks also to Chris Dobbs, Colin Henderson and Anne Sargent.

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