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Sam Davis of Alvington, Gloucestershire.

image: Sam Davis of Aylburton

Kelly wrote (Nov 2006) "These photos show Sam and Alice Davis (my great grandfather and grandmother).They lived in church road Alvington , they also lived at Royal Reddings when they came up from Cornwall around 1905. Sam, who was a farm worker, lived in Fiddington, Somerset before moving to Cornwall.
Sam died in 1937. I was told that he was very well known because he used to sweep the roads. He died on the job I believe down the first lane on the left as your enter Alvington from Lydney. He was taken home in a wheel barrow!. He was so well liked that the villagers put up a stone in memory of him and I was told that older people in the village used to say ' the roads are'nt as clean as when Sammy Davis swept them'."

Thanks also to Mrs Sally Bennett who added (April 2007): "Samuel and Alice Davis came from Fiddington in Somerset with their daughter called Mabel who became a Jones in 1944 and died in 1946. Who later went on to have a daughter of her own called Dorothy, married a Vincent Savage where they lived in Lydney. Dorothy died in 2001 and Vincent died 2002. The photo with the little girl in, is from Dorothy and Vincents wedding in 1934. Samuel and Alice Davis are my husbands great great grandparents".

Kelly added (April 2007): "Alice and Sam had the following children :- Mabel, May, Daisy, Ivy, Hester (died age 18yrs), William, Violet Gladyseen (my grandmother), Annie and there was also a child that died at birth. Mabel and May both had children which died in infancy -and both named the fathers within the child's names. Dorothy had a sister called Jean".

Mrs Bennett - please could you send in your email address as Kelly ( a great grand daughter of Same and Alice) is very interested to find out more about the history of the family.

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