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A Tutnalls Carnival Float, Lydney.

Tutnalls, Lydney

Tony wrote: "... I don't know the occasion of this photograph. It is taken from Tutnalls in Lydney with the sports field and Bathurst park in the background. The date must be late forties or early fifties. The only name I know is my grandfather Charlie Howells who is seated between the two ladies at the back".

Back (all standing): 1,2 , 3, 4 Joseph Wilcox.
Front (all seated): 1,2 Charlie Howells, 3 Beatrice Foster, 4, 5 (holding stick) Sidney Brobyn, 6,7 (at piano), 8 Emily Wilcox.

Cris Turley added: "... Sidney Brobyn Centre front row is my g.greatgrandfather ..."

Len Cooksley added (May 2011): "... The woman behind Charlie is my Great aunt Beatrice Foster who lived in Mount Pleasant Lydney".

Thanks also to John Wilcox.

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