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A Woolaston pub trip.

Foresters pub trip

An Alvington pub trip.

1 John Grail, 2 Johnny Williams (bus driver), 3 Jim Collier, 4 Gordon Dorrington, 5 Dave Vaughan, 6 John Jones , 7 Mr Williams, 8 Fred Beables, 9 Bill Rhead (landlord), 10 Albert Ball, 11 Len Tilbury, 12 Ted Ball, 13 Harry Grail, 14 Ron Rees, 15 George Dorrington, 16 Jack Guest, 17 ?, 18 Cyril Vaughan, 19 Ron Jones, 20 Jess Knight, 21 Len Page, 22 Frank Eagles, 23 Les Hoskins, 24 Percy Mayo, 25 Lubrisham Yankowicz ('Yanto'), 26 Les Rees, 27 George Cook, 28 ?, 29 'Scoter' Davies, 30 Charlie/Bill? Page, 31 ?, 32 Jim Prosser, 33 ?, 34 Stan Grail, 35 ?, 36 Tom Clarke, 37 Bill Stinchcombe, 38 Casper C.S. (Jim) Prakel

Roland wrote (Sept 2007): "I am enclosing an a photo of a pub-trip (probably the Rising Sun, Woolaston/Netherend). Casper C.S (Jim) Prakel is standing in the back row, on far right hand side".

Barry Jones added (October 2007): "Johnny Williams used to drive coaches for Willetts of Yorkley, note the uniform jacket and PSV badge in the lapel. Johnny also lived on the roadside between Woolaston Common and Woolaston Woodside he also drove the local bus between Woolaston and Lydney".
"Yanto - I think that this nickname was adopted because the locals found his proper name hard to pronounce, he was originally from Poland and his trade was a shoemaker (very handy for the villagers at the time)".
"Bill Page, used to keep the Railway Inn Lydney".

John Grail recalled (October 2007) a trip organised by the Globe at Alvington. The bus took them to Cardiff, they then took a 'steamer' to Weston (Super Mare). On the return trip, the steamer demolished the landing jetty and the party had to leave the ship using rope ladders!. John thinks that the trip shown in the photo above was to Torquay and may have also included some customers from the Carpenters Arms at Hewesfield (now closed). The photo was taken by Gordon Morse.

HSJ Warren added (October 2007): "Definitely the Rising Sun. Bill Rhead had not moved from the 'Sun' to the 'Globe' in 1952 and the majority on the pic were dart players from the 'Sun' A and B teams. Old Mr Williams was a founder member of the Woolaston & District Crib league. He lived nearby, and you would never have got him to the Globe!. Also John Jones was in the army in 1952 but of course he could have been on leave and in civvies".
HSJ also added (Jan 2008): "Managed to show this pic. of the pub trip to Johnny Jones who categorically states that the trip was from the Rising Sun Woolaston Common as he remembers the suit he is wearing in the pic - just purchased from Bradley's in Lydney (made to measure) on his demob in 1953.

Jennifer Silvester ( nee Prakel ) added (August 2014): "... it was the Rising Sun Woolaston Common, as my father use to go there, that's my father in the pic on the right hand side. He was known as Jim Prakel, he used to work in the coal mines and then at Crompton paper mill in Lydney. Yanto lived just up the road from us he had two boys Julian and Adrian, Yanto was married to one of the Grail girls I belive she was called Pat, I would like to hear from any of the woolaston people who remember my self.

Julian Jankovic added (December 2014): "... Yanto was my dad. Bill Rhead my uncle and quite a few others I remember ... can remember some of them. My father is on the left other relatives scattered through out the photo".

Thanks also to Dave Powell and H J Warren.

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