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Lydney Grammar School pupils in 1947 - part 3.

LGS 1947

Pupils are numbered left to right, starting at the first whole face.
Row 9: 5 Brain Kear. 9 Owen James 10 Doreen Cox, 12 Jean James 13 Ken Jones 15 Wyndham Jones, 21 Derek McCullagh 22 Pearl French, 23 Jim Taylor
Row 8: 4 Audrey McDowell 6 Kathleen Lucas  11 Roger Farrow ,19 Lionel Hankins
Row 7: 1 Mary Jackson, 4 Allan McOwen 5 Aline Hatter  11 Nancy Haddock 13 Pamela Burgum, 20 Megan Lewis
Row 6:
Row 5:
Row 4:
Row 3: 1 Clive Golding 3 John Hampton. 10 John Williams 13 George Webb (Fair Hair,immediately above girl 10 in front row ), 19 Ethel Saunders
Row 2: 3 Ricky Braybooke 9 Dulcie Vaughan, 10 Pat Morris (directly in line with Mr Thomas in row 4), 19 Gordon James (black hair at end of row),
Row 1: 2 Anne Whereat 3 Jane Harris 6 Wendy Tamplin 13 Gillian Edmonds (bow in hair),

Thanks also to Pearl Downham, Nicky Hughes, Keith Kear, John Saunders, Adrian Morgan, Doreen Cox, Sarah Emmett, Jim Taylor, Gordon James and June Mainland (Phipps).

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