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Party time Forest Road c. 1950.

Forest Road kids in the 1950s

Above - photo 1.

Back row left 1 Pat Cole, 2 David Merit Cave, 3 Carl Cox, 4 Pauline Cox (lived at 40 Forest Rd), 5 Ann Evans.
Front row left 1 Pauline Little, 2 Keith Little, 3 Phyllis Cole, 4 Billy Grant, 5 Harold Law.

Forest Road kids

Above photo 2 :
My garden 1948? Me and friend Janet Martin (4 Forest Rd.)

Right photo 3:
Taken in my garden 1948?
Back 1, 2 Pat Cole.
Front 1 Phyllis Cole, 2, 3 Ann Evans.
(the Cole girls were sisters that lived at 38 Forest Road)

"My father, Herbert Evans was an engine driver who drove trains on the line at the bottom of our garden and carried coal to the docks. He was transferred to Hereford and my mother, Winifred Evans, and I joined him in the spring of 1952. I have many happy memories of my childhood days spent in the Forest".
"In 1940 a group of schoolchildren from Birmingham were evacuated to Lydney. I am still in contact with Jean Smith (now Thompson) who lives in Solihull and is now 84.She was with us at Forest Rd. until the end of the war. Secondly, American soldiers must have been based nearby as we were friendly with Ernie who used to occasionally come for meals and introduced me to the long sticks of chewing gum!".

Harold Law added: "The tall lad with the patch over one eye is David Cave and not Merit. There was a David Merit living in Lydney at that time but he lived in the cottages beyond the main line railway station towards the docks. The unknown Yokel on the far right is me Harold law. I lived next door (No 46 ) to Keith and Pauline Little. I now live in Cornwall and meet up with Keith Little from time to time. Keith and I played in Lydney Town Band and Carl Cox and I played in a small dance band called The Silverline. This was around 1955/56 and 1959 /60".

Peter Essex added: "A blast from the past here! Ann Snewin rightly remembers the Cox family as living at 40. Vera Cox and Billy Grant lived there too. The Littles lived at 44. In between at 42 were my grandparents Frank and Frances Essex. That's where I spent school holidays. This photo also brings back the name Cole from 38. I have an idea they were the family who kept a scary goat on the land at the back between the brook and the canal, with the railway running just above that. I used to play with Billy and Keith. Keith is in the photo from the Forest Road area on here under Garden of No. 42. Billy had a Bayko set of which I am still slightly jealous. I think the Littles later moved to Cinderford where the father ran a bakery, but I did hear fairly recently that Billy Grant was still around Lydney".

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