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Duramin vehicle? FXT 318.


Chris wrote: "... I'm looking for information - I'm restoring a 1939 AEC Regent London bus, registration number FXT318. There are photos on the net. Around 1960-62 the bus body was scrapped. A new full cab was fitted and the bus chassis was fitted with a Tar Boiler for Limmer Roads - taken over by Tarmac".
"Removing the paint from the cab uncovered a plate with the name Duramin Engineering and the numbers 137517 or maybe B 7517. I'm wondering if this is the same company?. Did they build the cab, the body or both? Any information would be of great help filling in the history of this former London bus". christownsend74ATyahooDOTcom

John Edwards added:"... I have a tiny bit of information about this London Bus. It was Rt143 one of 151 put into service 1939/40. They were all out of passenger service by 1957. I have a picture of RT 77 with L plates in 1959. All of these buses had interchangeable bodies. So when overhauled every 3.5 yrs they probably got a different type of body".

Bob Jones added: "... Duramin did build this cab and many others. I worked there in the early seventies when they were doing mainly shipping containers and trailers There were lots of drawings in the drawing office that were destroyed when they had a clear out. I tried to salvage them but they insisted they had to be burnt. Photos, drawings ect all lost forever".

Chris Townsend added (December 2012): "... John Edwards has kindly added some more information - true she is RT143. Surprising what turns up when you start to dig. When she was built in 1939 there were complaints from drivers of Regent buses regarding the brakes, many were modified before entering service. This could be the reason RT 143 Reg FXT318 did not enter passenger service immediately. The problem with the air compressor for the air brakes was of German manufacture and as we were not on the best of terms with the Germans at the time finding a suitable replacement took time. Stored at Chiswick until entering service as a trainer at Tottenham in 1941, transferred to Barking 1957, then to North Street 1959, then into store at Stockwell. Sold to Birds Stratford on Avon 1960 body, scrapped. When the Duramin plate was uncovered on the side of the cab it would seem that it is almost certain a Duramin built cab however after having the plate looked at through a magnifying glass there is very faint address. Ruislip Middlesex. Maybe this is the address of the parent company? maybe FXT318 was converted there and has no connection with Duramin Lydney?. Maybe someone could clarify this?. Any information would help the future for FXT318. She is now being restored in Beith, Scotland with the intention of completing the London to Brighton commercial vehicle run in May 2013. As I am originally from Gloucestershire it would be good to return her to Lydney for some photos".

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