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Red and White buses and a gas-powered car in Lydney.

Red and White and gas powered car

Top photo: Inauguration Ceremony of the Red & White direct service Newport--Gloucester, Nov 7th, 1927. The Albion Coaches are outside Lydney Town Hall.

Bottom photo: John wrote: "... In April 1937 my Father ordered a new Austin 12 Ascot from Hardacres Garage in Lydney.Then it was decided that he & I should go to Longbridge to collect it.
In due coarse we went,and were entertained to a meal,a tour of the factory,a course on how to drive it, a model of the car etc, & I was in 7th Heaven.
The Years went by and we got to 1942. No fuel for The Ascot and it is laid up in the garage. But Mr Watts had a Taxi Service in Birmingham, but no Taxi. So he offers to buy the Ascot for the price paid for it in 1937.
My father thinks this is wonderful, in spite of his 15 yr old sons suggestion that perhaps it might not be. And so off to Watts Garage it goes to be converted to coal gas power, and all I was left with is this picture.
P.S. The price new was 210 pounds. When my Father finally got a new car in late 1946, £556 pounds.????"

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