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A Lydney Street Scene near Forest Road.

Lydney High St.

Margaret added: "... It's a main street in Lydney, I do'nt know the year. All I know about it is, the shop on the corner where the bike stands outside was being refurbished when my uncle , George Kear (who was a postman at the time) went in and asked what they were going to do with the big brass letters on the front of the shop. He was told to help himself if he wanted any, which he did and presented my mother Phillis Kear, on her birthday with a sign for her bungalow which said 'OURS'. Mum has since passed, so has uncle George, but the sign is now on the front of my home".

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John Bunker added: "... Easily spotted where this is. Eastamn's Butchers was still there in the 1950's early 1960's. Next shop on the corner of Forest Road was menswear (Bradley's ?) - over to the pub and then the cinema. Even in the 1950's there was a cashier sat in a raised booth - and sales chit and money "zapped" up to her mechanically - and she would send back the receipt and change"

Malcolm Dunn added: "... I can confirm that the shop on the corner was Bradley's. I worked there for a hour each day after school and on Saturday's to earn some pocket money. One of my tasks was to clean the brass letters referred to which were fixed below the windows".

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