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Lydney Mother's Union in 1941.

Lydney Mother's Union

Olivia wrote: "... I think this photo was taken in the 1930s. It is a photo taken at a gathering of Mothers and their babies known as the Mothers Union I believe it was formed by St Mary's Church Lydney".

Keith Kear added: "... ... Vintage about 1938, Identifications:
1. Mrs Tovey with June of Lydfield Rd Lyd extreme left 3rd aduit counting down from the rear hatless- small stature.
2. Mrs Barnett left and Mrs Hulin right immediate next door neighbours in Fairfield Rd Lyd. Same line as Mrs Tovey Two hatless ladies trapped between hat wearers.
3. Margaret Virgo of Fairfield Rd Lyd. small child on the ground at extreme right last but one wearing dark dress.
4. Mrs Virgo Virgo (hair parting on right side) in the second line from the rear adjacent to a woman in a flowery dress who is holding a baby. A woman in a dark top coat on her other flank is hoiding a baby also. Mrs V is set back slightly from both these women her face is full with hair parting left side".

Mike Smith added (Aug 2012): "... Back row 7th from left is Mrs Elsie Probert, nee Bayliss my grandmother late of Jubilee Road holding her third daughter Joyce. In the row behind the seated ladies, 3rd from right is Mrs Mabel Thorne

Karyn Olley added (October 2012): "... 1st Row seated 3rd Left is my great grandmother Mrs Laura Barnett, possibly holding grandson Douglas Barnett. 4th Left is Mrs Tessa Brookes, 5th Left my grandmother Mrs Violet Parry with my mother Priscilla on her lap. 9th from left is my great aunt Mrs Gwen Baggot her daughter Bernice is child seated furthest right. Child 5th from left is Glenys Nash. My mother was born October 1939 and therefore we believe this photo to be 1941".

Keith Kear added (Nov 2014): "... 'Douglas BARNETT' Douglas B. was born Sept 1935. The baby identified may be his brother Gilbert".

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